What if you and your wife could unlock the secret to great sex – and what if SHE actually started wanting it again?

You’re on top of your game at work. You keep your car running like a well-oiled machine (because it is). Your family can count on you to repair almost anything in the house.

And yet, you’re wondering why you haven’t been able to fix your sex life.

Have you ever said something like this to yourself?

  • My wife will never feel freedom in the bedroom.
  • My wife will never enjoy sex and will never initiate sex.
  • I’ll never figure out what turns her on.

You love your wife, and you’re committed to this woman for life, but that’s a lot of “nevers” flooding your brain. You want to put in the effort – if only you knew what to do.

Real intimacy AND

passionate sex with your wife? 

What if I told you that you CAN make small changes that will snowball into real intimacy and sex that you’ve been dreaming of?

 Wonderful book! Helped me get more focused and back on track with my husband after 4 kids in 4 years….I was tired and needed some help! 🙂 
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Get ready to turn up the heat in your marriage and sizzle in the bedroom!
Sharon Ethridge

Speaker, Life/Relationship Coach, and Author of the best-selling Every Woman's Battle Series

What sets Sheila Gregoire apart from so many writers who address sexual intimacy in marriage is that she shows how sex isn’t primarily for the hus- band or the wife; it’s for the couple. Day by day, she guides couples into the abundant promised land of sexual intimacy, which feeds all aspects of the marriage relationship. From a clear Christian worldview, with the practi- cal understanding and caveats that come from daily interaction with other believers who struggle and thrive in this area of their relationship, Sheila has written a helpful, encouraging, and practical guide for couples who want to flourish where they once only strived to experience renewed sexual intimacy.
Gary Thomas

bestselling author of Sacred Marriage and Cherish

The author is really open and honest and the style was perfect! I didn’t really think a book would help, but it has!!

Katherine Waddelove

Amazon Review

If you are looking for down to earth, common sense ways to spice up your love life then this is the book.


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I’m Sheila! I’ve been married to my husband Keith for 28 years.

I wrote 31 Days to Great Sex to help you and your wife invest 31 days into building your relationship and discovering more about each other sexually – and the payoff is deeper intimacy and more passionate sex!

Each day comes with its own challenge, but some days also include extra pep talks, exercises, and more.

And yes, some days include challenges that are sexual…but you’ll also be working on challenges to heal misbeliefs about sex, build emotional intimacy with your wife, and help her feel confident both in and out of the bedroom.

You’ll also learn:


  • How your wife will become more orgasmic with time and practice (If that doesn’t sell her on sex, I don’t know what will!)
  • Why sex shouldn’t be avoided especially when you’re tired, feeling anxious, or depressed
  • The four basic positions–and how you can make endless variations!
  • What you can do to get rid of any sexual baggage you’ve been carrying around, once and for all
  • How to help your wife feel beautiful and attractive – she will love you serving her in this way!
  • The 10 different sexy questions you can ask your wife–including the one thing you must remember so you don’t inadvertently turn her off!
  • What you can do to get you and your wife into a “frisky” frame of mind

Get the 31-Day Plan to Great Sex Here!

My wife and I have been reading this book together and it’s been working wonders for us both!
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If you don’t understand your wife sexually, this book will teach you the medical, emotional, and practical reasons why your wife is different from you.

(That may sound boring, but what you can do with this information is anything but boring!)

Here’s what I mean…

If you don’t believe your wife can feel pleasure, you’ll learn how to reawaken her.

If you feel distant from each other, these daily challenges will gently force you to confront the barriers that have been keeping you apart.

If your wife doesn’t feel attractive, you’ll learn how to assure her just how delightful she really is.

I know this may be really hard to believe right now, but…

This is what’s in store for your marriage:

You’ll be talking – about sex! – with your wife. By the end of the first week, she’ll feel heard. You will have assured her that you love her body. She’ll learn she can feel pleasure.

You will have laughed together, spiced things up, and had open conversations. You’ll head to bed together with anticipation, rather than drifting off in front of screens, heading to bed separately. 

Your marriage will be renewed. AND you’ll learn how to keep the momentum going so this won’t fizzle like the other times you’ve tried to address the problem.

This time, you’ll learn how to deal with the root of the issue–so that your marriage can thrive. Exactly how God wanted it to in the first place.

Commit to change in 31 days!

I didn’t realize some of the issues I had been dealing with and the baggage I had been carrying around until I went through this book with my hubby!
Jennifer M. Moya

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Small changes, like the daily challenges in the book, can add up to big results. Your marriage was meant for this!