What if I told you that not all teens rebel?

I’m proof that they don’t.

And I’m not alone.


Introducing Why I Didn’t Rebel

Hi, I’m Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach, and I didn’t rebel. 

And I believe your kids don’t have to rebel, either. 

Last summer I spent 5 months interviewing 25 young adults and delving into social science research to figure out just what it was that made some kids rebel and others stay on the straight and narrow. I found 8 different themes to differentiated these families–and they weren’t what I was expecting at all. I firmly believe that families shouldn’t have to face the teenage years with dread. And I wrote this book to offer hope and encouragement to you that your child that you love so much doesn’t need to go through the pain of teenage rebellion.

Rebellion doesn't need to be a part of your family's story.

Enter Why I Didn’t Rebel!

What if….

The things that you’ve been told keep your teenagers from making mistakes don’t actually work?

What if….

Your child loves going to church–but doesn’t end up knowing Jesus?

What if….

Your involvement in church may inadvertently turn your child off of God?

What if….

We’ve been focusing on the wrong things when it comes to parenting?

And what if there was a better way?

I think there is.

Why I Didn’t Rebel is a must-read for every Christian parent!

Erin Odom

Author of "More than Just Making It" and founder of thehumbledhomemaker.com

In Why I Didn’t Rebel, you’ll listen to the voices of millennials as they share their experiences with parenting, culture, and church. And you’ll hear what’s helped them to cling close to Jesus–and what has turned them away.


You’ll hear how:
  • It’s about authenticity and relationship, not rules.
  • It’s about knowing believing kids have the Holy Spirit, too, not suspecting them of wanting them to rebel.
  • It’s about acting like a team, not acting like a club (and believe me–the distinction matters!)
And most of all, it’s about Jesus, it’s not about the church.

I wrote Why I Didn’t Rebel to give your family the encouragement and hope you need to raise kids who won’t rebel.

Here’s how it helps:

You hear from the perspective of millennials 

Have you ever wondered what is actually making a difference with your kids? I interviewed 25 young adults who want to tell you just that. Through intensely personal and honest discussions, you’ll get to see from the kids’ perspective what parents can do that makes all the difference.

Learn how to truly talk to your kids 

With the hundreds of books and resources out there about communicating with teens, Why I Didn’t Rebel breaks the mold by daring to step outside of the typical parenting advice and get to the heart of the matter. With practical steps for parents to take, you’ll have a road map to talking to your kids the way they want to be talked to!

Challenge common parenting practices 

What if some of the most widely-preached parenting practices don’t actually work? Why I Didn’t Rebel isn’t afraid to tackle hard-hitting topics and start an open and honest discussion about what is truly best for kids.

What are you waiting for?

Is it too much to expect kids not to rebel?

I say it’s not. Parents and teens have been fed a lie for years now that the teenage years inevitably lead to rebellion. But through interviews, research, and personal experience, that’s not what I found. Yes, some teens will go off the rails. And no, there’s never any guarantee. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any hope, or that there isn’t anything that you can do! So I wanted to figure out what works, and what doesn’t. And I talked to 25 young people and delved into psychological research to figure out just what that was. The answer? Teenage rebellion is not inevitable. And parents can help their kids follow God.

What are people saying about Why I Didn’t Rebel?

Why I Didn’t Rebel is one of those treasures: a delightful and informative read. You laugh while you learn. Rebecca presents helpful principles without chaining us to rules and she offers many fine, real-life examples of how these principles have proven true. Well-researched, well thought-out, and well-written, Why I Didn’t Rebel is a great book to give to young parents and for small groups to study together.
Gary Thomas

Author of "Sacred Marriage" and "A Lifelong Love"

It’s often said that ‘we learn by experience.’ The truth is that we learn by experience only when we have reflected on it and done the work of articulating it. And that is at the heart of Why I Didn’t Rebel. Drawing on her own life and dozens of her peers, Rebecca offers insights of great value for parents, most especially for parents preparing for the teen years. Read this book. Do your own reflecting on it. You will indeed learn. And both you and your children will be much the better for it!
Neil & Sharon Josephson

Codirectors of Family Life Canada

As a mother of four young children, I was immediately drawn to Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach’s Why I Didn’t Rebel. Like Rebecca, I never walked through a period of rebellion—and neither did my siblings. But I’ve never been able to put my finger on what it was that my parents did that others couldn’t mimic. Rebecca’s book helped me do just that. Why I Didn’t Rebel is a must-read for every Christian parent.
Erin Odom

Author of "More than Just Making It" and founder of thehumbledhomemaker.com

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Teenage rebellion is not inevitable.

It’s time to take steps to equip your kids to live a life following God.