Get ready to Fix It–and find Jesus again!

One workbook with 30 “Fixed It For You”s.

 Over 180 questions for couples, groups, or journalling. 

“Red Flags” to help you spot these in the wild.

Has the stuff you’ve heard in church circles made you feel small?

Attacked? Unloved? Does it make you feel like God must be angry at you? That He doesn’t want the best for you? That He thinks you’re less than other people?

Or maybe you’re going through a faith shift and you don’t know how to talk about it with those around you. How can you make them see what you’ve starting to see?

“It helps put words to the cognitive dissonance I think so many of us feel. Where we know something is not quite right, we feel unsettled in our spirit but we’ve been hearing this Christianese word salad for so long that we can’t figure it out. You gave us the truth where lies have been spun.” – T. T.

Fixed It for Yous are a simple tool that can jumpstart engaging and fruitful conversations about who God really is and what he thinks about women, about sex, about marriage. 

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We take thirty terrible things that have been said by different Christian leaders, and “fix” them to look more like Jesus.

And then we give you tools to see what’s off, and journaling questions to level up your discernment!

Or you can use these questions with your spouse, your friends, even your small group, to help others understand what you so desperately what to change.

Regular price $6.99, on sale until MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 20th

A collection of 30 Fixed It For Yous with discussion or journaling questions & discernment tools to help you recognize toxic teachings–and find the God who really loves you.

This discussion guide includes:

  • 30 “Fixed It For You”s, 10 of which have never been seen before, covering Masculinity, Femininity, Marriage, Sex, Boundaries, and Responsibility for Sin.
  • Questions to be used either as journalling prompts or as discussion starters for groups or couples using the workbook.
  • “Red Flag” teachings to help you identify these toxic teachings in the wild, even if they show up in a very different way!

In this discussion guide, we fix common yet toxic teachings from teachers and organizations such as:

John Piper | John MacArthur | Gary Thomas | Emerson Eggerichs | Shaunti Feldhahn | Desiring God | Steve Arterburn | The Gospel Coalition

And even ME! (That’s right. I even fixed myself!)

As a child, you likely sang, “Jesus loves me, this I know…”

But as you got older, you may have heard terrible things about this Jesus who is supposed to love you. You’ve heard that He’d rather you suffer and be abused than get to safety. You’ve heard that you have to measure up to specific roles or else you’re a failure. If you’re a woman, you’ve heard that He loves other people more than He loves you.

Isn’t it time that we find that Jesus who loves you again?

Isn’t it time that we stop letting toxic teachings that have run rampant in church steal God from us and make us feel alone, dirty, or ashamed?

“I love how this series of “Fixed It For You”s hones in on destructive statements that often get lost in longer commentary, and helps readers sharpen their critical thinking skills rather than simply assuming every popular book or article is accurate or helpful. Seeing these snippets excised from the fluff that surrounds them, is incredibly eye-opening for readers!” – Sarah McDugal, Wilderness to WILD

The “Fixed it For You’s” are a light in a sea of dark and confusing Christian teachings on marriage and sex. It has helped numerous readers cut through the misconceptions and delusions, guiding them back to the goodness, decency, and honor of marriage as Christ intended.” – Ngina Otiende, Intentional Today

Let these 30 Fixed It For Yous take you on a journey rediscovering God, and validating what you have always known to be true.

And let them give you an easy way to start these conversations with your spouse, as you’re snuggling in bed; with your friends as you sip coffee in the local Starbucks; even with your small group as you try to cut through the weeds of the toxic theology you grew up with.

It has literally unshackled my heart, my mind, my life!!! To see that I NEEDED to start questioning all the input I’ve had over the years. Weighing stuff not by what I was TOLD, but through the lens of scripture.

M. S.

These are so helpful to bring clarity to the things we have grown up with! So much common sense! Love that I don’t have to leave my brain behind when following Jesus!!
M. L. J.

Your Fix It posts break my heart and give me renewed hope for the future in equal measure. They remind me of how much darkness is really out there and how many people have been given evil lies wrapped with a pretty bow of Scripture by people they thought they could trust. But your Fix Its also remind me that there are so many people who are opening their eyes, breaking generational chains, protecting the vulnerable, stopping harmful teachings from getting to children, and overall loving like Jesus loves. People like you and your whole team. Thank you!

Sarah Long

These “fixed it for you” posts have pointed out the harm of so many teachings I’ve heard over the years. Whenever I would hear or read such things the Spirit and my gut would tell me something was wrong…even outright unbiblical… but I did not have the adequate confidence nor eloquence to express exactly what.
C. B.

Sometimes something will bother me and I don’t have the words to explain why, or I don’t have the guts to say it. You provide the words.
L. C.

If you grew up in evangelicalism, you may have grown up steeped in toxic teachings about marriage, about sex, about suffering, even about God Himself.

You may feel that if you start to question these teachings, if you start to question these “men of God”, then you’re questioning God. You’re leaving the faith.

But what if that’s not true at all? What if the picture you were given of God was never a picture of Jesus to begin with? And what if we can help you see who Jesus really is–by simply asking you questions to get to the heart of what you already know is true.

Our surveys of over 32,500 people for our books The Great Sex Rescue, She Deserves Better, and The Good Guy’s Guide to Great Sex have found that a lot of teaching in the evangelical church actually makes marriage and sex worse. It lowers self-esteem. It increases fear.

That’s not of Jesus.

And so many of you have said that you loved learning what was healthy by reading our books, but you still can’t figure out how to identify the harmful stuff.

Let us help!

it’s time to embark on a journey of discernment.

Don’t let bad teachings steal your Jesus.

Elisabeth grew up in a typical, happy evangelical home.

Her parents, and her church, reinforced that her role was to submit to her husband, but because her family was so loving, it didn’t hurt her.

Until she married an abusive, entitled man.

Five years later that marriage fell apart. That was her wake up call that what she had been taught growing up was not actually of God.

But it didn’t just wake her up. It also woke her parents up, heartbroken over what their daughter went through. Now, when she and her sister and parents get together, they talk over the latest Fixed It for You on Instagram, and they’re beginning to reframe their faith.


They’re finding Jesus. They’re leaving the toxicity behind. And they’re going to break the cycle for the next generation.

If you’ve loved the Fixed it For Yous, here’s 30 of them all in one place so you can show your friends and start conversations at church.

  • Save it on your phone so it’s always available when you’re with friends.
  • Work through a question a night with your spouse.
  • Or use it as a 6-week small group discussion series!

It helped me to be able to see and discern bad/ false teaching. They have also given my husband and I starting points to discuss things. It’s easier when evaluating teachings you have learned to do a few sentences than a whole book.

G. S.

I grew up in the church and home culture that you are advocating healing into. I never questioned the books, the sermons, my parents. Reading your “fixed it for you” has helped reframe some of the toxic, dysfunctional, abusive, patriarchal, misogynistic, and unhealthy views I have had of men, women, and marriage to make space for my own healing. Thank you.
J. A. S.

I have loved reading the fixed it for you’s because it’s revealing practical application with real life examples of how truthful concepts can be applied to help you filter out harmful concepts and lies.

L. M. H.

You’re allowed to use your discernment. 

Let’s go on a journey to learn how to spot the toxicity, so it can’t hurt you, your marriage, or your friends anymore.