Frustrated that you just can’t reach orgasm?

Wondering why sex is great for everyone else–but you’re always left wondering, “is that all there is?”

The Orgasm Course is here to help you unlock what’s holding you back, open the floodgates to arousal, and teach you how to go over the edge!


Do you sometimes wonder if orgasm for women is even a thing? If all the people talking about how great sex is are lying to you?

It was supposed to be awesome. It was supposed to be passion and ecstasy, all wrapped up in one sexy package.

But sex has become the biggest disappointment–and frustration–of your life.

What if you didn’t have to settle for bad sex? What if you could actually figure out what all The fuss was about?

Despite what you may feel every time sex ends badly (yet again), you are not broken.

You can unlock Orgasm. And this course will show you how.

God has used Sheila to change my marriage and sex life. Within weeks of hearing Sheila speak about orgasm on of her podcasts and being intentional in the marriage bed, I experienced my first orgasm after almost 7 years of marriage and 3 children. Sheila’s words “gave me permission” to enjoy sex. I am so thankful for that!

Podcast Listener

Whether you’ve never had an orgasm at all, whether you have orgasmed, but you have no idea why it works one night and not the next, or whether you CAN orgasm fine on your own or with a vibrator, but what you really want is to be able to orgasm with your husband.

Maybe you’ve tried everything. You’ve flicked, bopped, rubbed. You’ve certainly had sex! But it’s like your body just can’t respond. No matter what you do, no matter what your husband does–your body does nothing.

He always feels amazing. You tend to feel nothing.

It doesn’t seem fair.

The Orgasm Course helps you overcome your roadblocks to pleasure–and helps you unlock orgasm!

Like you, I grew up being told that sex would make my toes curl. It was the most awesome part of marriage! But sex was a huge let-down. It was awkward. It felt invasive. And I couldn’t figure out why it was supposed to feel good.

I wasn’t alone–and neither are you!

And so I want to ask you to think about two numbers:

48 and 33.

In our recent survey of 20,000 married women, we asked women how often they reached orgasm.


Reached orgasm all or almost all of the time


Never or Rarely Reached Orgasm


Reached Orgasm Intermittently

Are you in the 33%–but want to be in the 48%?

Here’s some good news!

First, you aren’t alone. If you have trouble reaching orgasm, just know--lots of other women do, too.

But the next point is actually the more important one.

Those 48%? They didn’t necessarily start out marriage that way. In fact, a lot of them were once in that 33% category, too!

It took Charlotte 26 years to figure out the orgasm piece in her marriage! But today, she and her husband have tons of fun. And she was the one who persuaded me to do this course–and pointed me to great resources to research for it!

Charlotte--26 Years

Natalie, part of our focus groups for our recent survey, was married for 6 years before her first orgasm with a vibrator. After two years of learning more about orgasm and marriage, she was finally able to reach orgasm without one–during intercourse with her husband!

Natalie--8 Years

After suffering with vaginismus (sexual pain) in her marriage, Sandra feared sex would never feel good, even with physiotherapy. But when she started deconstructing the things she believed about sex, and embracing her own sexuality, suddenly the floodgates opened!

Sandra--18 Years

You don’t have to wait 8 years, 18 years, or 26 years to finally figure out why everyone else loves sex so much.

But even if it’s been a long time, The Orgasm Course can help you discover arousal and learn why orgasm has been elusive–and how to finally get everything to click!

I asked you to think about 2 numbers. Now I want you to think about 3 words:

Mutual. Pleasurable. Intimate.

That’s what sex is supposed to be.

But for so many of us, at least one of those words is missing. And often when one of those elements is missing–then, like dominoes, all the others fall, too.

The Orgasm Course helps you figure out what’s holding you back, whether it’s sexual technique, elements of your relationship, or what you think about sex.

In fact, what we’ve found is that the #1 roadblock for many women is that our definition of sex doesn’t even include our experience.

Yep. Even if you don’t realize it, you may not think you have the right to pleasure. The ability to feel pleasure. Or the confidence to have your pleasure matter as much as his.

And once we’ve identified your roadblocks–we help you demolish them, once and for all!

I’ve been writing about sex for 12 years. I’ve written over 2500 blog posts. Three big books on sex. 100 podcasts. And now, add to that the largest survey ever been done on Christian women’s sexual satisfaction. We’ve listened. We’ve asked questions. We’ve researched. And now we’ve put together everything we’ve learned in one super practical, fun course that will help you discover sexual pleasure.

years writing and speaking about sex

published books on sex

blog posts written

podcast episodes recorded

women surveyed and interviewed

Orgasm Course that combines it all!

The Orgasm Course takes you on a journey of discovery to reclaim your sexuality–and finally experience it to the full.

18 Videos

Comprehensive Lesson Book

Jam-Packed Activities Book

The Orgasm Course is a 5-Step Go-Over-the-Edge and Reach the Big-O Plan!

We teach you to:

  1. Uncover your unique roadblocks to arousal and orgasm
  2. Discover your big “turn ons”
  3. Open the floodgates to arousal–and learn how your body works
  4. Learn how to reach orgasm
  5. Learn the sexual techniques involved in reaching orgasm during intercourse!


The informative videos, lessons and activities are all designed to help you:

  • Learn about physiology–what areas most arouse a woman; how to vary the touch based on the arousal cycle; and where and how NOT to touch, too!
  • Pinpoint the biggest roadblock that holds women back–and stops men from understanding what women need, too
  • Uncover what else may be preventing you specifically from being able to just let go
  • Identify with one of our 5 characters who are having trouble with orgasm, so that you can more easily put your blocks in context (and make them not-so-scary, too!)
  • Increase the mind-body connection so that you stop seeing your body as the enemy–and you learn to listen to your body instead.

Plus you’ll get:

  • Detailed tips and exercises to enhance physical technique and help you ride the wave to orgasm
  • Validation that the mental blocks that may have prevented orgasm are not your fault–but they’re also not permanent.
  • Relief that this isn’t something you caused–but it is something you can fix.

Maybe you get a little bit aroused–but then the arousal just stops. Maybe you get a LOT aroused–but you can never get over the edge. We’ve figured out what all-too-often stops pleasure in women–and we’ll help you unlock it instead!

THANK YOU!!!!! We are new to your content and for the FIRST TIME have a glimmer of hope for our marriage’s sex life.

Response to a reader survey

Maybe you feel like you just don’t like sex.

But what if our definition of sex is all wrong? What if thinking differently about sex can change everything?

Or maybe you feel like your body doesn’t work, and you just take too long anyway.

But what if understanding why your body works the way it does can help you see sex in a new way–and even create a better marriage?

Maybe it’s hard to talk to your husband about this, and he just doesn’t understand that you need more than fast intercourse.

The men’s videos help him see that understanding sex from a woman’s point of view doesn’t take away his pleasure–it actually adds a ton to it!

If you need hope that sex can be for you, too–you need the Orgasm Course!

And you can get The Orgasm Course ($49) + The Men’s Edition ($29) for just $69!

Wait. Did you say Men’s Edition?

I sure did! Because if you purchase during the launch period, you’ll also get a whole EXTRA course, just for husbands.

After all, maybe it’s not YOU with distorted views of what sex. What if it’s your husband?

The Complete Orgasm Course comes with a men’s 3-module add-on, where men learn that sex is more than just intercourse and why God designed women with a clitoris. Men learn what often holds women back from orgasm, and the importance of keeping the relationship strong, too. And they also get the nitty gritty on all the different things to try to see what your wife likes–including what NOT to try!

Mens Orgasm Course - The Orgasm Course is Here!

They’ll also learn:

  • How looking sad, frustrated, bored, or bewildered are HUGE orgasm killers–and how to overcome them
  • How they don’t need proper “equipment” to satisfy their wives, but instead just the desire and the effort
  • Why women’s orgasm is worth the wait!
  • And so much more.

The guys get their own videos, and their own lessons and exercises, to work through with you, too!

Most men do care about bringing their wives pleasure, but they shut down if they feel helpless or bad at something. This course can help empower him, too! And we show him how to overcome their biggest obstacle to your orgasm as well.


But even if your husband isn’t interested in making use of this offer, you can still work through the women’s course alone!

What if you could stop feeling cheated by life and instead experience real passion?

Just imagine…

Instead of dreading if you have to try again, after working through Module 4, you’ll know how to talk to your husband about what you need.

Instead of sex being something that’s predominantly for him, while you feeling good is merely a “bonus” or an “extra”, you’ll both be convinced that the best sex is that which is mutual, pleasurable, and intimate–and you’ll learn how to get there!

We’ll help you remove the roadblocks stopping you from orgasming; open up the floodgates so that you experience real arousal. And then we’ll take you through our three part journey to discover how to listen to your body and help your body respond–learning to get aroused; learning to orgasm; and even learning how women orgasm during intercourse!

My husband and I have been married almost 15 years and we are just now untangling all the wrong things we’ve believed for so long (thanks in large part to Sheila’s work!) and I have finally been reaching orgasm more regularly. Sex is actually mutual, as it should be! We are both so grateful. I definitely have struggled to know my own body and to be patient with my husband as he clumsily figures things out. Also, I always go first now, then we have intercourse afterward so he can finish.We are still figuring it out and have spent years feeling frustrated, but I am incredibly thankful that through many conversations, learning, and trial-and-error, we are finally figuring it out. Thank you for all the time you put into these resources. 

LC, Blog Commenter

You didn’t get married to have lousy sex.

You didn’t fall in love with someone amazing, only to feel like a disappointment or a failure, unable to really make love. No, you married for passion. And you were meant to get there!

Maybe you’ve been reading my stuff for years, and you want to put it into practice. Maybe you just stumbled across this because you’re searching for something that can help. However you got here, you’re here because you know you were made for more.

Get the orgasm course and discover your sexual side!

What’s in The Orgasm Course? 

Women’s Edition

  • Module 1: What is an Orgasm? Learn how your body works–but also why this all-too-often is a big mystery. Learn the ONE BIG piece of misinformation almost all of us believe–and how that belief is often at the root of why orgasm is so difficult. Be reassured as we look at how our bodies were made that we are designed for pleasure, and you aren’t broken! And in the exercises, take your first foray into learning mindfulness, and how visualization exercises can help you connect with your body.
  • Module 2: What’s Holding You Back? Orgasm isn’t all about sexual technique, and in this module we’ll look at all the other things that may keep us from sexual pleasure, including mental load, body image, beliefs about sex, and so much more. You’ll also be introduced to our 5 characters, composites of women who often internalize harmful messages about sex, to see how these can be overcome. Activities will help you make a concrete plan to defeat these roadblocks.
  • Module 3: What Can Turn You On? Now it’s time to open the floodgates! We know what can hold us back from pleasure, but in this module we’ll look at what can actually bring pleasure. Exercises will help you discover what things for you are must-haves if you’re going to relax and feel sexually confident.
  • Module 4: Learning to Orgasm Here’s the module we hope that people don’t skip right to! We go into all the nitty gritty about sexual technique, erogenous zones, and how women tend to enjoy being stimulated. In this module, we’ll start first with simply reawakening arousal. Learn what makes you start to feel excited! Then you’ll be invited and encouraged to try different things, either on your own or with your husband, to bring yourself to orgasm.
  • Module 5: Reaching Orgasm during Intercourse. Once you’ve figured out the orgasm piece through other stimulation, we’ll give tips, tricks, and exercises to help you reach orgasm during intercourse. Learn what to do with your hips, how to change up positions, and how to pay attention to timing to help yourself go over the edge!

Men’s Edition

  • Module 1: How Women’s Bodies Work. She was designed for pleasure–but do husbands know the #1 belief that often stops her from thinking she deserves it or wants it–and too often stops men from pursuing it?
  • Module 2: What’s Holding Your Wife Back? A condensed version of Modules 2 & 3 of the women’s version, husbands will learn what often stops women from prioritizing their own pleasure or experiencing pleasure, and activities will give husbands specific steps to take to figure out their wife’s route to arousal. A video will also warn of the 3 big turn-offs that women repeatedly tell us–and we’ll give our special challenge!
  • Module 3: Sexual Technique and the Big O! Learn how to stimulate your wife, and how to increase arousal, excitement, and pleasure, all the way to orgasm! Activities and lessons will show how women tend to like being touched–and some of the big mistakes that men often make. And you’ll be left with a smorgasbord of ideas to try to make her pleasure your priority!


Does this course guarantee that I'll have an orgasm?

I wish we could, but human beings don’t work quite that easily.

I will say that the exercises in Modules 4 and 5 are exactly what most people need to move through in order to learn to reach orgasm. They’re geared to get you there–based on what research has shown women need. 

Aside from that, If you work through the videos and exercises, you’ll be able to identify what’s been holding you back, and you’ll be able to develop a game plan to deal with it. You’ll learn more about your body and about orgasm–and about what often gets in the way of our sexual response. You’ll likely even hear sex spoken of in a way that sounds validating, maybe even for the first time in your life. And you’ll hear so many beliefs about sex deconstructed, even things you may not have realized have wiggled their way in!

Some people reach orgasm really quickly after getting rid of roadblocks, and working through the sexual technique exercises, and some people take a little more time. But wherever you are, you’ll be closer. You’ll feel more confident. And you’ll have hope!

Does my husband have to do the course with me?

We do have a whole add-on course for men, so I sure hope your husband wants to!

We’ve got 6 unique videos for the guys, plus they get their own lesson manual and exercises!

But if your husband isn’t interested, you can still work through the course by yourself. In fact, the majority of the course can be done on your own, figuring out your mental roadblocks to great sex, getting rid of wrong beliefs about sex, figuring out what else is holding you back–and then, of course, getting comfortable with your body.

Ideally we’d like to lead you on the journey where you orgasm through your husband’s stimulation, but we can also teach you how to bring yourself to orgasm if he won’t help.

HOWEVER, one of the big takeaways from the course is how to advocate for yourself.

You’ll learn how to talk to your husband if he doesn’t want to do this with you. You’ll learn why your pleasure isn’t an afterthought, and why it’s okay to say no to sex that is one-sided and ignores you. And we’ll show you how to ask for what you need!

How long does the course take to complete?

That depends!

The videos themselves are about 3 hours in total, but they aren’t watched all at once. Each of the 5 modules has its own exercises, and we believe that the course will be best if you work through the modules one at a time, at most one a day. Even if you watch all the videos at once, please work through the modules much more slowly, because it will be more helpful if you’re able to get practical and be introspective over time. 

For Modules 4 and 5, where you’ll actually be doing activities to help bring you to orgasm, we give lots of ideas of the sorts of things to try, and we recommend that you just keep trying and having fun! 

I'm very uncomfortable with masturbation. Will I have to masturbate?

You know what? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

In fact, let me repeat that, because that’s a foundational thing that we want you to understand: You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

The belief that you DO have to do things you don’t want to is one of the big things holding women back from orgasm! You can’t truly say yes–and truly enjoy sex and want sex–if you aren’t also free to say no. Without the ability to say no, your “yes” can never really be a “yes.”

So, no, you do not have to masturbate if you don’t want to.

We do have some exercises on getting used to your body and bringing yourself to orgasm, but you can work through these by guiding your husband’s hand instead of your own if that is more comfortable for you.

When you say there are videos--is this going to make me uncomfortable?

Don’t worry; there aren’t “those” kinds of videos!

All the videos just feature me speaking and explaining the concepts.

We do have a few drawings in the lessons that are graphic, but they’re medical drawings. There is nothing inappropriate at all.

We do use all the correct words, and we encourage you to get comfortable with your body and with talking about it. We do not, however, cross any inappropriate lines.

What if I suffer from vaginismus, or sexual pain?

First, I’m so sorry. That’s my story, too, and I know how frustrating and lonely that can be.

But even with sexual pain,  you can still work through Modules 1-4.

You just may not be able to do Module 5, about orgasming during intercourse.

If you do suffer from sexual pain, we actually recommend this course even more, because it’s important during treatment to still  understand how your sexual response works and to reclaim your sexuality. Those suffering from sexual pain are even more likely to feel like they’re broken. We want to show you how your body can still work, and how you can still experience pleasure and intimacy even if pleasurable intercourse is off the table for now.

Seriously–you’re not broken. You were made for this!