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PODCAST: Deep Dive into Shaunti Feldhahn’s For Women Only

One of the books that women report is most harmful to them is For Women Only.  When we analyzed 13 of evangelicalism's sex & marriage best-sellers when writing The Great Sex Rescue, For Women Only scored 11/48, ranking 11/13--so the third worst, in front of only...

PODCAST: Do Complementarian Men Make the Best Husbands? A Response to Nancy Pearcey

Do complementarian men do best? That's what Nancy Pearcey says in her new book The Toxic War on Masculinity! Men who believe that marriage is a hierarchy and that men should get the final decisions (complementarians) do best.  This is the podcast (and the op ed) that...

PODCAST: Untwisting Toxic Views of Suffering feat. Rebecca Davis

Should we endure suffering because it makes us holy? We have a distorted view of suffering in the church today, and it keeps so many women feeling guilty for wanting to make their lives better.  Why don't you just put up with what you've got, because look what Jesus...

PODCAST: Parenting Without Yelling feat. Wendy Snyder

Can discipline and kindness go together? Today on the Bare Marriage podcast we're joined by one of our favourite people, Wendy Snyder, a parenting coach with Fresh Start Family.  She helps parents learn how firm kindness works--how we can connect with our kids through...

The Obligation Sex Series

  • 10 Things to Know about Obligation Sex
  • Why Obligation Sex Destroys Libido (and how it affects us long-term) (coming soon)
  • A Way Forward to Recovery from Obligation Sex (coming soon)
  • You Don’t Need to Consent to Being Used (coming soon)
  • When Your Husband Won’t Let go of Obligation Sex (coming soon)
  • The Obligation Sex podcast (coming soon)

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Plus please see our Great Sex Rescue Toolkit for handy downloads about the effects of obligation sex that you can give to your pastor, counselor, small group leader–anyone who teaches it!

And see chapters 9 and 10 in The Great Sex Rescue for all our charts, stats, and commentary!

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