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Bare Marriage Commenting Rules and Commenting Privacy Policy

Here is a quick overview of the commenting policies at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum. We want to create a welcoming and safe conversational environment, so if your comment is deleted it may be due to the fact that it violated one of these policies we follow (privacy policy to follow):

Comments may be deleted if they are too long

Because we want to create an interactive experience for our readers, most comments that are more than 300 words long will be removed. Lengthy comments make it difficult to follow the conversation and make the website almost unreadable for mobile readers.

Comments that are over 300 words may be left if they pertain directly to the article’s content and add new perspective that has not been shared before on the article or related articles on the Bare Marriage website. We really want to hear your opinion and your testimony–so if it’s too long and has to be deleted, just shorten it! 🙂 Or better yet, start a blog yourself and link to your response article on our site!

Comments may be deleted if they are abusive in nature

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Swearing
  • Name-calling
  • Directed threats
  • Online bullying or harassment
  • Derogatory terms
  • Racial slurs of any kind
  • Specific information that could cause embarrassment or harm to someone in the “real world”

Comments may be deleted if they present a false or harmful view of Jesus or the Gospel

We want to be able to have helpful, meaningful discussions from all points of view. However, if you are going to argue something that blatantly contradicts who Jesus is or presents a false view of the church or of God it is not our responsibility to give you a platform.

We receive a great deal of traffic from non-Christian sources and are a ministry as well as a Christian sex blog. We are acutely aware of this and feel a strong responsibility to ensure that this website presents the truth about Christ, not hateful or ignorant (but harmful) speech.

We are not a public forum and we are not required to give a platform to everyone. You are free to create your own blog if you would like to spew these horrible things, but we are more than in our rights to not allow you to use our hard-earned platform.

Comments may be removed that are sexually explicit in a way that is not edifying to others

We are a blog that talks about sex. It gets graphic. But it doesn’t need to get explicit.

We accept the medical terms for genitalia, we talk about sex positions, we talk about sexual techniques. But we may delete or edit comments that go into unnecessary detail or provide sexually explicit examples without provocation or necessity.

Before posting, ask yourself: is this detail necessary? Would this help someone? Or am I just looking for a place to vent/brag/complain? The TLHV blog is supposed to help people join together in community to find a healthier view of sex. It’s not a place to post brags of sexual exploits, unnecessarily explicit examples, or pornographic recounts of sexual experiences.

Comments may be removed if they are not related to the post they are under

We get a lot of comments and we like for conversation to be fruitful and help people come to a greater understanding of the content. If your comment (a) isn’t related to the post or (b) leads off on a rabbit trail that takes away from the original conversation, it may be deleted in order to bring the conversation back to the matter at hand.

We have over 2,500 posts on this blog. If you’re looking for a slightly different topic, just search for it! 🙂 Odds are we’ve written it!

The default response to a violation of these policies is to delete a comment. In the rare case that we edit your comment instead of deleting it, we will note that we have edited it (in your comment we will state that parts have been removed) so that it is clear that your original comment has been modified in order to remain transparent and honest.

Overall, we tend to let comments through before we delete them. If you read the comment threads on many posts you will see that we allow a great deal of different opinions through on this blog. As long as you remain respectful, open to others’ opinions, and tasteful, there is no reason you would not be able to enjoy the conversation in the comments section on the blog.

Bare Marriage Comment Privacy Policy

By commenting on Bare Marriage you are granting permission to the Bare Marriage team to publish your comment in part or in whole in any content we create. When you publish a comment on this website, the comment becomes property of Bare Marriage.

If your comment is published, your identifying information (email addresses, IP addresses, full names) will be removed prior to publication in order to maintain anonymity unless express permission to include any of the above is granted.

We appreciate you engaging in our comments section. Thank you so much!