God made sex to be GREAT. Don’t miss out on it!

Recruit for GSR Launch Team

Sheila and Keith are releasing the brand-new Good Guy’s Guide to Great Sex and the completely re-vamped Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex on March 15, 2022! 

And they are inviting you to be a part of their launch team! How do you do that?


And then you’ll get an email with pre-order bonuses and your invitation to our launch team Facebook group!


What are the preorder bonuses? 


Our Evangelical Sex Report Card!

What’s the state of sex in evangelical marriages? Find out how we’re doing with orgasm rates, frequency, foreplay, emotional connection, and more! (Discover which element evangelicals score an F on–and where we get an A!)

Plus, we answer the question: Is Lust REALLY Every Man’s Battle? Check out the data on porn & lust–even bonus stats that aren’t in the book!

Early Access to the Book

Want to read the books RIGHT NOW? When you pre-order, you’ll also receive an email invite to our launch team! In exchange for pledging to write an honest review, you can get access to an ebook RIGHT NOW!

Access to an exclusive Facebook Group

Q&A sessions, one-on-one discussions, Facebook Lives with Keith, Sheila and Rebecca and MORE! For the 6 weeks leading up to launch we want to hang out with you on Facebook, chat through your questions, and celebrate together as we launch these books!

Writing these books has been a big task–we used data from our surveys of a combined over 25,000 people as well as other peer-reviewed research to help put together what we hope will be truly helpful, educational guides for couples to start off on the right foot! Writing these books has been a major labour of love and would love a chance to actually connect with you–the reader–as we get excited for this launch. 

So as we gear up to release this book, we wanted to host a launch team Facebook group as a way to celebrate together, answer your questions, and just hang out online for the next few weeks. We want to get to know you, to encourage you, and to share some exclusive information with the group who have supported us by pre-ordering the book, and this is a fun way to do that. We did this for our launch of The Great Sex Rescue and it was such a great experience we decided to do it again! You’ll get the chance to ask questions; access to exclusive Facebok Live events with Keith, Sheila and Rebecca; and the ability to just chat and hang out with the Bare Marriage team online!

We really have so much hope that these books can be a part of changing the evangelical conversation about sex. Our hope is that with more healthy materials available for newlyweds, for young couples who need help, or even older couples with questions, then a lot of the harmful messaging in this space will disappear because we simply will replace it with something healthy!

We are so excited to hang out with you for these next 6 weeks, we will see you around! 

Sheila & Keith Gregoire