Raise your girls to resist toxic teachings on sex, self, and speaking up!

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Sheila, Rebecca, and Joanna are releasing the brand-new book, She Deserves Better on April 18 2023!

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Our Pre-Order Bonuses

A modesty report hand-out you can give whenever anyone wants to impose shaming dress codes on your girls.

Plus a special jam-packed report on what’s REALLY going on with deconstruction in the evangelical church. Who is deconstructing? Why? And how can you raise your daughter with a faith that doesn’t need to deconstruct? All information that didn’t make it into the book!

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Our Facebook group is now full, but don’t worry–we’re also throwing in a free audio book version of She Deserves Better as soon as the audio book is available to everyone who pre-orders and sends us their receipt with the instructions above!

Where can I pre-order?

You can pre-order She Deserves Better at any of your preferred book vendors, including: 

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Writing She Deserves Better was like Great Sex Rescue 2.0.

We surveyed another 7000 women to find out what toxic teachings given as teens end up hurting women long-term, and how we can reframe the conversation into something healthy.

We originally weren’t planning on doing another study this big, but people kept asking for help with their kids.

And our results are staggering–especially on modesty and sex ed. Quite simply: we need to change how we teach about this in church, because our girls do deserve better.

We really have so much hope that these books can be a part of changing the evangelical conversation about sex. Our hope is that with more healthy materials available for parents, or even just women who want to work through their own religious trauma, that nobody will need The Great Sex Rescue in ten years!

We are so excited to hang out with you for these next 5 weeks, we will see you around!

Sheila, Rebecca, and Joanna