What if talking to your son about SEX didn't need to be so AWKWARD?

Introducing The Whole Story: your guide to talking to your kids about sex, puberty, and growing up.

Do you find talking to your son about sex, puberty, and relationships to be one of the scariest parts of parenting?

You’re in the right place!

We’ve created a course that can help YOU have those conversations with your kids–without it being so scary.

I am so happy because I was extremely uncomfortable talking about these things as a child/teen and I too want better for my daughter. The course really helped us to make open and honest discussions on these subjects a part of our relationship.

The Whole Story for Girls

Most parents feel woefully unprepared to talk to their children about sex.

What if I say something wrong?

How do I even get the conversation started?

I just find it really uncomfortable!

And because we feel so scared, too often we make it uncomfortable for our kids, too!

But what if you had HELP starting that conversation?

And what if your son had cool and trustworthy young men who weren’t afraid to talk about the hard stuff?

What if all you had to do was CONTINUE the conversation, when the hard part was already taken care of?

This video-based course features trustworthy, Christian young men teaching your son about everything he needs to know about sex, puberty and growing up.

And then has discussion questions, checklists, and parent-child activities so that you can keep that conversation going!

This is too important of a conversation to leave up to chance.

Meet the Mentors Behind The Whole Story

Sheila Wray Gregoire

Sheila loves family and marriage. And she’s your guide through talking to your kids about sex, puberty, and everything that comes along with it.

Read more about Sheila
Sheila Wray Gregoire is a popular speaker, marriage blogger, and the author of eight books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex.

She’s known as the “Christian sex lady”, and witnesses daily through her blog and emails the impact that early views of sex have on women.

She’s passionate about teaching about sexuality in a healthy, godly way, especially to young women.

The mom to two adult daughters, she spends most of her time in her RV with her husband, speaking around North America. But you can find her on her blog Bare Marriage, which attracts over 1,000,000 page views per month.

Sheldon Neil

Sheldon works in Christian media and is the face behind the boy’s version of The Whole Story. He’ll be your son’s guide through the course!

Read more about Sheldon
Sheldon Neil is a leading communicator. Demystifying the issues facing everyday people, while leaving audiences with a spark to start living their best life is his noted passion.

An international speaker, TV host and ordained faith leader, he has been featured in ministry initiatives with world-faith leaders such as, TD Jakes.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Journalism, and is the author of the book, “The 180 Devotional.” He is also the Host and Executive Producer of the TV show, “Outside the Box, with Sheldon Neil,” which reaches over 6 million Canadians.

Sheldon Neil is happily married to Alicia Neil. They are proud parents to their wonderful daughter, Reigan-Sijourney, and son, Edison-Hendrix.

Connor Lindenbach and David Emmerson 

Connor and David are Sheila’s sons-in-law and provide some “guy talk” at the end of each unit with funny stories, great advice, and more!

Read more about Connor & David

Connor and David are married to Sheila’s daughters Rebecca and Katie. Connor studied psychology in university and is working towards becoming a licensed counsellor, and David is a medic in the Canadian forces. 

Together, they’ll break down the information presented in the course with a low-pressure “guy talk” where they share their own (sometimes embarrassing!) stories about going through puberty as well as advice they wish they had been given or truly understood when they were your son’s age. 

Having both gone through faith struggles in their teenage years, they are uniquely equipped to handle tough topics that come up in high school and encourage your child to find out what it really means to make his faith his own.  

Thank you so so sooooo much for making the whole story program, as you said it would work with both my daughters at once – so I am working through the program with my 2 daughters aged 10 and 11. We are all loving (especially me!) how easy and how thorough it makes everything, please thank your daughters so much too who make it so fun and accessible.


The Whole Story - For Girls

The Whole Story is split into two age groups:

Do you find yourself asking…

  • WHEN do I tell my kid WHAT? What’s age appropriate?
  • How do I even start the hard conversations about puberty or sex–let alone say words like “menstruation” or “penis”?
  • How can I make sure they know everything they need to?
  • What do I do when my KID seems embarrassed to talk about things?

Or worst of all

What if my kids realize that their parents are “doing it”?!

The younger version of the course

covers all of this!

Or do you find yourself asking:

  • How can I teach my children the real meaning behind sex?
  • How can I help them withstand peer pressure and deal with pornography and body image issues?
  • How can I help my kids have healthy worldviews towards dating and relationships?

And most of all…

How do I keep my kid talking to me at all?

The older version of the course

covers all of this!

For Boys Ages 10-13

The younger version teaches your son what to expect when it comes to physical changes, but also addresses social and spiritual development, too.

It includes everything your son needs to know about:

  • How his body is going to change and what he can do to prepare
  • What sex is and why God designed it the way he did
  • An introductory conversation about pornography
  • How to handle crushes and peer pressure in the Jr. High years
  • Inspiration to grow into a man of godly character
  • How he can take care of his body to manage all these changes

For Boys Ages 14-16

The older version gets more in-depth and talks about relationships, sex, and character on a deeper level as your son matures.

It includes everything your son needs to know about:

  • Puberty in the teenage and high school years
  • Navigating relationships with girls in the teenage years.
  • Discussions about how to handle social issues like when you discover a friend is having sex, bullying, and how to treat girls with respect.
  • Candid conversation about the highly sexualized world we live in and how to honor God in the midst of that.
  • Challenges to take charge of where your life is going–questions like “What kind of person am I becoming, and is that the person God made me to be?”

The course isn’t a REPLACEMENT for you.

It’s a RESOURCE for you to start those conversations in a natural, unintimidating way, so that you can continue them for years to come.

Don’t make the mistakes so many other parents do–let The Whole Story for Boys help!

Sheldon Neil works in Christian media and is passionate about sharing a message of encouragement and hope for young people. With all the mixed messages being thrown at them, Sheldon had a vision for this course: to help boys discover for themselves what God has to say about who they are what who they could become. And my own sons-in-law, Katie and Rebecca’s husbands, jumped on board to share some of their embarrassing stories from the teenage years and talk about all the things they wish they knew when they were your son’s age!

The Whole Story for Boys will teach your son everything he needs to know about growing up–but more than that, it creates the space for you to have the hard-hitting conversations about character development and spiritual growth.

These are the conversations your son needs to have as he turns from a child into a man. And we want to help you have them.

I took my 10 year old daughter away for the weekend and did all 5 units of the curriculum. I skipped [the sex unit] at first because I wasn’t sure she was ready but then we did the dreaded unit 4 and survived. She hit the pause button right when Rebecca explained [sex] and said “what?! I didn’t know that’s how it happened! I thought God just made you pregnant!” There were some tears but it was great and she thanked me for telling her everything and for the weekend…I know this is just the beginning for us but it’s a good start.


The Whole Story VIP Member

We did units 1-4 yesterday. It was a challenging day, with lots of laughs, questions and a few tears as my daughter processed what the pending changes would be like. I’m so grateful for the way the course opens the door for conversation and creates a ‘safe place’ for any question to be asked. We went on a special date to our local board games cafe for dinner to celebrate! Thank you Lord for Sheila, Rebecca & Katie & the gifts You’ve given them & their willingness to serve in this way.


The Whole Story VIP Member

We have officially finished the first course!! I feel so encouraged!! Conversation flowed smoothly, and we got through it all really quick because most of it was simply reviewing what we had already talked about!! I can’t believe I was actually already doing this right!! It did fill in a few holes though and hearing things about proper hygiene from Katie and Rebecca that I have been talking about for the last couple if months seems to have finally gotten through to her!! Thank you so much for this resource!! We are excited to work through the second course in a year or so!!


The Whole Story VIP Member

The Whole Story is here–ready to take the stress out of having “the talk” with your kid!

The Lifetime Access VIP membership is our most popular option. Start when the kids are young, watching the videos on teaching kids about sex slowly. Then preview the puberty ones so you’re ready! Then the course grows with your child. And there are extra resources, extra mentoring videos, and more. And we’ll keep adding to it, too! 

With the Lifetime Access VIP Version, you’ll also get:

Unlock the Mystery of Talking to Younger Kids about Sex

What do you do if your 8-year-old asks you what sex is?

Or worse–what happens if you tell your kid what sex is, and then they have more questions?

Get a mentoring video from Sheila about how to talk to younger children about sex–plus lots of extra resources that you can read at your leisure to prepare you for those awkward questions from your kids!

Extra units that deal with video game addictions, spiritual development, and more!

The VIP (girl’s version) access contains extra ideas for mother-daughter conversation and fun, so that you can work on growing your relationship even after you’ve watched The Whole Story videos.

The boy’s version includes discussion about video games and how to have healthy boundaries with electronics.

Both genders get access to spiritual development tools including stories of inspirational people of the faith and scripture memorizing challenges.

Are You Ready to Tell Your Son The Whole Story?

Each unit includes ready-to-watch videos that you can start with no preparation–right away!

Grow your relationship with your children, while you know that they’re learning everything they need to know–with a biblical worldview.

As parents, it’s often easier to tell our kids the basics about the facts of life than to add the personal element to it as they grow into teens.

You can explain facial hair and voice cracks, but talking about porn? Masturbation? Peer pressure? That’s way more difficult.

And when I was going through this, I was also really frustrated with the resources available.

The guide I used when my eldest hit puberty was all about purity–teaching kids why sex was only for marriage. But at that age (just 10 years old), the thought of actually doing that wasn’t even on her radar.

My kid didn’t need to be convinced to wait until marriage. She needed to be convinced that it was a good thing at all!

And don’t get me started on how few resources are available to talk about healthy sexuality with boys–talking about porn, sexual attraction, and lust is difficult to do without inadvertently giving your children a lot of false guilt while still giving them the information they need. But it is possible to talk about these things in a healthy way that shows them a balanced, biblical truths about sex, porn, and even how God made sexuality.

That’s why we’ve arranged this course so that, for the younger kids, it’s more information based. We tell them what is happening and why, but we leave the emotional parts until the older version. That’s when we delve into those hard topics that affect teenagers.

I found that so many kids today hit puberty when they’re still really young and before sexual feelings really start. Yet often that’s the last time parents talk to their children–when they hit puberty.

And then, when they really need us, we’ve forgotten how to have those conversations.

With The Whole Story, you can keep having those conversations!

But we don’t aim to replace you. This is just a resource to START those conversations.

My daughter, when writing her book Why I Didn’t Rebel, found again and again that it was parents’ expectations of their children that made the biggest difference. When parents were authentic with their kids about their faith, and expected their kids to be authentic, too, then kids tended to follow Jesus easily. But when parents expected the worst, or didn’t tell the kids what they expected at all, kids tended to flounder.

Our philosophy in this course is that we’ll tell your kids the information and in general terms what God wants, but then we have discussion guidelines, checklists, and activity ideas so that you can have the real heart-to-heart with your son, in a stress-free way, about what guidelines you want him to have.

It’s the guidelines YOU have about dating and sex that matter.

We’re not raising your children!

It’s YOUR values that matter.

So let us start those conversations at just the right ages, and then YOU can guide those conversations home.

The Whole Story knows that your son isn’t just a kid anymore–he’s a little man who deserves to know the facts of life.

Younger Version (ages 10-13)

Unit 1: What is sex, and why did God make it the way He did?

Unit 2: How Your Body is Changing: What to expect and how to prepare for it.

Unit 3: Girls & Friends: Handling crushes, bullying, and peer pressure.

Unit 4: Becoming a Man of God: treating others well and becoming a man of good character.

Unit 5: Taking Care of Your Body: How to take care of yourself now that you’re becoming a young man.

Older Version (ages 14-16):

Unit 1: Puberty in the teenage years: what to expect through high school.

Unit 2: Social Changes and Issues: Wrestling with party culture, dating, bullying, and more.

Unit 3: The Sex Talk: why God made sex the way he did and why it’s meant for marriage as well as real talk about porn and masturbation.

Unit 4: Becoming a Man of God: learning where to put your identity and become the person you were designed to be.

Unit 5: Taking Care of Yourself: Staying healthy and developing good hygiene habits.

Rest easy with lifetime access to all of this important information with the VIP version.

Can be used with multiple kids, as your subscription never runs out.

Includes ALL materials for both ages (including any updated material we add!)

Podcasts to give you confidence when younger kids ask uncomfortable questions

Three (3) bonus units including one to help you prevent video game addiction.

Tell your child The Whole Story!