What if great sex was just 31 days away?

Get ready to embark on a series of SMALL, EASY challenges that can change everything.

If you’re like many couples, your sex life is in a rut.

While you used to embrace with wild abandon, you now embrace in a holey T-shirt and grey sweat pants.

Or maybe that wild abandon was never even there. You secretly wonder if sex has been oversold. Will it always be stressful? Will you always feel like you’re not-quite-good-enough?

31 Days to Great Sex is here to open the door to real intimacy and passion for YOU.

Sheila Gregoire’s work is already staple reading for many women, but I hope this book expands her reach to men as well. Sex is a wonderful thing, but Christians in particular seem either to be more than a little reluctant to talk about it, or they talk about it in obnoxious and unhelpful ways. Gregoire cuts right down the middle by offering practical, applicable advice for a fuller enjoyment of what Ecclesiastes names one of God’s good gifts. I think all men should read this book, along with their wives, and thank God for this good gift he’s given married folks.

Russell L. Meek

Speaker, Writer, Professor, PhD Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

 Wonderful book! Helped me get more focused and back on track with my husband after 4 kids in 4 years….I was tired and needed some help! 🙂 

Leah C. from Amazon

With 31 Days to Great Sex, Get Ready to: 

  •  Ignite your spouse’s libido–and your own
  • Discover which little changes bring big rewards
  • Hit the reset button on your sex life
  • Debunk Hollywood myths about sex
  • Identify YOUR key to sexual breakthroughs
  • Spice things up–and try new things
  • Keep the momentum going!

You don’t have to settle for ho-hum sex in a mediocre marriage.

I’m Sheila! I’ve been married to my husband Keith for 28 years.

And in those 28 years of marriage we’ve had great sex and we’ve had awful sex.

And let me tell you, the great sex so much better! 😉

In this book, I want to help you have those conversations, laugh again, and find HOPE that you can get on the road to great sex, too.

Here’s how 31 Days to Great Sex will bring fireworks to your marriage:

Read 3-4 pages a night together, and then do what it says!

It’s that simple.

No matter your background or track record so far, you can have great sex in marriage–and develop that intimacy you’ve been longing for.

Some of you will need to figure out the mechanics of sex and how to make it feel great–when it’s only ever been ho hum. 

Some will need to talk boundaries. 

Some will need to spice things up.

Whatever your needs, 31 Days to Great Sex gets you there by giving you a safe and easy place to start those conversations–and then put real, practical (and fun!) solutions into practice. You’ll be able to TALK about sex! You’ll be able to RELAX AND HAVE FUN! And you’ll learn to laugh, flirt, and be affectionate again.

It's time to get the spark back!

My wife and I have been reading this book together and it’s been working wonders for us both!

Amazon Review

And these new tips will make lasting changes:

  • The four basic positions–and how you can make endless variations
  • 16 ways to flirt with your husband
  • 10 different sexy questions he can ask his wife–including the one thing he must remember so he doesn’t inadvertently turn her off!
  • The secret to great foreplay
  • The 15-minute challenge that changes everything

In the first week alone you’ll be able to share with each other what you want your sex life to be like–and discover new ways to turn each other on! You’ll spice things up with things like the dice game or the roll-for-a-position game on Day 24.

And so many couples come back to the Day 6 challenge again and again!

Discover what makes her tick sexually–and help her know to the core of her being that she’s not broken.

Then extra articles and tips and tricks will help you become a flirting afficianado, to initiate sex, to understand her arousal cues, to defeat porn, or even how to make orgasm easier!

What are you waiting for?

31 Days to Great Sex is helpful, encouraging–and sizzling.

Get ready to turn up the heat in your marriage and sizzle in the bedroom!
Sharon Ethridge

Speaker, Life/Relationship Coach, and Author of the best-selling Every Woman's Battle Series

The author is really open and honest and the style was perfect! I didn’t really think a book would help, but it has!!

Katherine Waddelove

Amazon Review

What sets Sheila Gregoire apart from so many writers who address sexual intimacy in marriage is that she shows how sex isn’t primarily for the hus- band or the wife; it’s for the couple. Day by day, she guides couples into the abundant promised land of sexual intimacy, which feeds all aspects of the marriage relationship. From a clear Christian worldview, with the practi- cal understanding and caveats that come from daily interaction with other believers who struggle and thrive in this area of their relationship, Sheila has written a helpful, encouraging, and practical guide for couples who want to flourish where they once only strived to experience renewed sexual intimacy. 

Gary Thomas

bestselling author of Sacred Marriage and Cherish

If you are looking for down to earth, common sense ways to spice up your love life then this is the book.

Review on Amazon

Whether you’re a newlywed wanting to start well, a couple in a rut, or a couple who has never figured out what all the fuss is about–

It’s the best research project you’ll ever do with your spouse!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have sex EVERY day?!

It’s not 31 Days OF Great Sex.

It’s 31 Days TO Great Sex.

Most nights you likely will have sex–and some of the challenges specifically are all about that! But there are also challenges that build up your relationship so that great sex is much easier.

And that’s what you were made for!

Will my husband read this book?

I get a lot of women writing to me saying, “my husband HATES to read books. Will he read this?”

But it’s not like a regular book. You don’t have to sit down and read 30 pages and then discuss it. Each night you’re really only reading about 3-4 pages. That’s it. Then there’s another page for the challenges. The reading is not time consuming, and it isn’t intimidating.

Here’s what one guy wrote:

I love the brief chapters. Enough is said and to the point. We are feeling more involved and our love making has reached a new level.

REJP, Review on Amazon

And most men will jump at the chance to make their sex life better!

What if you’re married to a guy who doesn’t actually want sex that much?

You’re not alone! In about 30% of marriages, SHE has the stronger sex drive. In the book, I talk about libido differences–but I don’t assume that it’s always the guy who has the higher libido. On the contrary, I do talk specifically to guys with lower libidos, and tell them how important sex is to their marriage. So it may just be a way to start the conversation with your low-libido husband, too.

Can a Husband Buy it for His Wife?

Absolutely! It’s a couple’s book, and if you’re male, and you want to work through it with your wife, here’s how I’d suggest talking about it:

  1. Stress that it’s about reading and talking together. It’s not 31 days of sex tricks where you’ll ask her to do uncomfortable things.
  2. Stress that you want to feel more intimate with her, and one of the weeks is on how to experience awesome intimacy.
  3. If sex has really been a sore spot in your marriage, ask her to read this post first.

Many of the challenges, though, do help you talk through some issues that may be holding both of you back from enjoying sex in your marriage.

Here’s what one wife said about her sex life after reading the book:

I didn’t realize some of the issues I had been dealing with and the baggage I had been carrying around until I went through this book with my hubby!

Jennifer M. Moya, review on Amazon

More laughter. Less tension. More fun.

Take the challenge. Your marriage will thank you!