We Have Paid Research Opportunities for Grad Students and Professors

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We’re looking for academics who want to work with us–and get published!

(This post doesn’t apply to everyone who read the blog–but if you know a professor or a grad student who may be interested, please send them this link!)

As you all know, for years we’ve been conducting huge studies to look at the effects of marital and sexual satisfaction of key teachings in the evangelical church.

We’ve been attempting to do our work to academic standards, obtaining ethics approval from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and getting our datasets up at the ARDA (the association of religious data archives).

We also want to publish peer reviewed papers using our datasets.

However, we simply don’t have enough time to do all the papers we’d like to do. Joanna is our main researcher, and she’s currently working on getting stats for the new marriage book I’m writing with Keith (based on the marriage survey we just finished).

So last year, we were so  happy when the Bosko Foundation approached us to start a new initiative to disseminate our research, and allow us to fundraise. Thanks to the generosity of my readers, we raised enough money through the Good Fruit Faith initiative to create paid research opportunities for people to use our data to get published. 

We are now calling for applicants!

Who do we want to apply?

We are specifically looking for applicants in a variety of disciplines, including things like:

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Epidemiology
  • Public Health
  • Religion
  • Gender Studies
  • Education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Research Methods
  • Statistics
  • Theology

And any other field that can find a tie-in!

We are looking for either;

  • Graduate students with strong writing abilities
  • Professors

We do need people currently affiliated with a university to make the submission process easier for papers. We know that so many who have graduated are also eager to help, and we’d love to take you up on that at a later date, but right now, for practical purposes, we need people with university affiliation.

What research opportunities do we have?

Right now we have four specific papers that we would like to see written, one using each of our datasets:

  • 20,000 women (used for The Great Sex Rescue)
  • 3,000 men (used for The Good Guy’s Guide to Great Sex)
  • 7,000 women to see how experiences as teens affected them (used for She Deserves Better)
  • And our new matched pair survey we’re using for our marriage book

If someone has a different idea for a paper that they want to write, that we don’t have listed, we are also open to that too.

Some of the papers require less work than others. For some, Joanna will supply data tables, and we just need someone to write up the literature review, results, and discussion. For others, we’re looking for someone to also do statistical analysis. 


We’re so excited to move forward with our research!

If we can get papers on the effects of the “every man’s battle” message; of the love & respect false dichotomy; of the lack of teaching on consent; of the long-term effects of modesty–if this is talked about in academia and becomes more widely known, then the universities training future pastors and counselors will take note. And maybe things will finally change.

Maybe people will stop writing horrific books!

So, if you’re interested, please check out our application process. You’ll hear within 4-6 weeks, and once we’ve hired for each paper, we’ll likely list new papers so this is a continuous process. So keep checking back, even if you can’t right now. We have such a treasure trove of data, and we’d love to see it used and mined to the fullest.


Your Financial Support Makes This Possible

It’s because of generous donors to the Good Fruit Faith Initiative of the Bosko Foundation that we’re able to offer these research opportunities. We don’t want money to be a limiting factor, either. We’d love to be able to hire every qualified applicant.

Would you consider a gift to help us do this? Your support–especially monthly support–helps this keep going without the need for big fundraising appeals. Thank you!

One of our goals is also to help young academics get a leg up on publishing papers.

We know how hard it is to get jobs in academia right now, and papers and conference presentations can make a big difference. We’re so happy to try to make it easier for people who want to write about evangelicalism to get a leg up. If we can help these academics succeed, then they can keep the work going.

So please–spread the word! Let’s get good research out there, and change the way the evangelical church teaches this stuff!

Written by

Sheila Wray Gregoire


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