What’s Your Favourite Part about Being a Dad?

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What's the Best Part of Being a Dad--just for Father's Day

What’s your favourite part about being a dad?

That’s what I asked dads this week on Facebook to give the men a chance to have a say as Father’s Day is around the corner! To celebrate the awesome dads in our lives, I thought we’d do a round-up of some of the answers we got to honor the men in our communities who truly love and cherish being dads!

And I think I’ll intersperse it with some of my favourite photos of Keith with our girls. He’s an AWESOME dad. They love him so much; and he loves them. And I teared up even just putting the graphic together for today’s post! I didn’t grow up with an awesome dad; it’s been one of the greatest privileges of my life to be married to someone, though, who is one.

So thank you to all the great dads out there.

(And PS: Read to the bottom for a special announcement).

Here are some of the best parts of being a dad:

1. Meeting your child for the first time

Childbirth is additionally meaningful to dads–they may have felt the kid kick, but they’re really meeting each other for the first time after the baby is born–even more so than mom!

Meeting both of my kids for the first time.

Our son (7) was the product of an emergency c-section. Also mom needed to be put to sleep, which prevented me from being in the room. So I met him about 30 minutes after he was born in the c-section recovery room and got to introduce him to mom after she woke back up.

Our daughter (4) was a planned c-section, and I was in the room this time. I got to hold her within five minutes of her birth, and we got the cute photo of the three of us in the OR.

Holding and praying over both my children when they where born. The feeling of being gifted with those two miracles is something I will never forget.

2. The cuddles and unconditional love that children have and freely give

This was pretty universal–pretty much every dad had some iteration of this as part of his answer.

My favorite thing is the random love for no apparent reason. Sudden hugs, sudden “I love you”s, etc.

I love cuddling with my kids and rocking my 2 year old to sleep.

They show me so much unconditional love. They just want to be with me… Until they are bored.

3. Creating memories and traditions together

I’ve been their step-dad for the last 7 years. My favorite thing is teaching them new things and providing them new experiences. Some of my favorite memories with my 14 year old son is teaching him to drive my car (a 1987 Supra we are fixing up) and riding his first roller coaster with him. My favorite memory with our 9 year old is riding go karts with her and watching scary movies with her because that is something we both really love.

Reading at bedtime is a great memory. Bedtime was MY thing to do, and we read just about every night. I have cassettes of some of those sessions from 30 years ago… can’t wait to do the same on occasion with the grandchild!

Sometimes the memories that are created aren’t even initiated by dad! Sometimes it’s the kids that get the ball rolling, and it’s just amazing to get to see their creativity flourish!

The hand drawn pictures I receive for no reason. And the plays and shows announced via handwritten invitation to be performed at 7:00 sharp.

4. How excited they are when Dad comes home

Some of the dads who answered were stay-at-home dads, but a lot of dads who worked outside the house said that their favourite part of being a dad is just how happy their kids are when they come home after work:

I love opening the door and hearing, “Daddy!” Or “Dada!”

Coming home from work and hearing the excitement from the kids as they yell “DADDY” and run to give hugs.

Best part of my day is usually coming home from work and having my son run up for a jump hug. His excitement at seeing me is pretty infectious although he’s getting a bit heavy for my back.

5. Getting to watch them grow up into little people

Watching your kid grow up to be their own person is amazing–seeing their interests, personality, and character develop is something a lot of dads treasure.

Seeing him learn and grow, develop his sense of humor and self, and seeing the world through his eyes when we experience things as a family.

There’s two things that were both memorable and wonderful:
1) watching my children discover the world around them.
2) their special way of pronouncing certain words. Keperch = Ketchup. Bawwls = peas.

The best part about being a dad is seeing the world through those child-like eyes again. Watching your kids explore the world and grow & find out who God has made them to be is unbelievably awesome.

Keith Gregoire

Dad, Bare Marriage

6. The privilege of pouring your heart and soul into your kids

The little signs that you’re doing a great job, especially if you are trying to parent in a better way than was modeled to you by your own parents, all make the heart-wrenching love of fatherhood worth every bit of it.

Those little moments, like when they give me a huge hug for no reason, or when they say ‘I missed you today Daddy’, that they will probably not remember, but that I’ll always remember. That, and the opportunity to grow and to do better than my father did. To take the things from my childhood and learn from them and change them

And that moment when you can do something for your kid that they find meaningful–truly, truly meaningful–that has a piece of you within it. We love what this dad said about his relationship with his 17-year-old daughter:

My daughter is 17. She has been into drama and music like her mom & dad forever. I am a builder & tinkerer and I love working on projects for her school shows and for things around the house. I will spend hours (and lots of money sometimes) on building things we could have bought but they mean more if made by hand. The payoff is when I hear her brag to her friends, “my dad made this for me.”

7. At the end of the day, the best part is simply all of it.

I don’t even know how to answer that. There’s just too many favourites to narrow it down.

It’s all good 💙

And we agree entirely.

The Best Part About Being a Dad: Celebrating fathers for Father's Day


But in the last few months, we’ve discovered that another awesome part about being a dad…

is becoming a grandpa.

Congratulations, Rebecca and Connor!

Take a moment today to appreciate the fathers in your life. Give your husband a word of encouragement about being a great father. Give him a great massage. Do something to show him how valued his contribution to the life of your kids is, and let’s work to encourage and uplift the men who are truly doing great jobs at being the best dads they can be!

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

Written by

Sheila Wray Gregoire


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  1. Heidi Scheibner

    Awesome tribute to dads!!!
    Also congratulations on be grandparents!!! You’re gonna love it!!!
    P.S. So enjoyed the pictures of Keith and the girls. What great memories!

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      I loved putting it together, too. Keith’s in a course all day, so I texted him to look at the post when he gets bored and wants to get all emotional. 🙂

  2. Becky

    Aww, congrats to Rebecca and Connor and the rest of your family! I know my parents have really enjoyed getting to be grandparents (they sure waited long enough, given that I was kind of late getting married compared to most people I know), and I’m sure you and Keith will have a blast!

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      We’re so looking forward to it! I’ll be a Grandma before 50! (Though Keith passed that this year!)

  3. Chris

    I knew it!!!!! Thought i saw Rebecca sporting the bump in a picture a few posts back!! Congrats to all of you!

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Yeah, we were wondering if anyone would pick up on some of those… 🙂

  4. Keith Schooley

    Very cool list. I think I have to agree with your Keith: it’s being able to see things once again through your children’s eyes. I always loved taking my children to things that I had enjoyed as a child and seeing the wonder in their eyes as they experience it for the first time.

    Watching them grow up into responsible men who love Jesus has also been awesome. I am extremely grateful for having avoided all the horror stories about teenagers I had been told, and being able to be genuinely proud of my sons.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      I remember watching my two year old laughing and running after seagulls and squirrels. She was so delighted in them. And I thought, “we just ignore seagulls and squirrels, and yet, look how fun they can be!” It just makes you realize how much you don’t notice, doesn’t it?

  5. Kelly

    Congrats to Rebecca & Connor!! Congrats to you & Keith as well!!! How exciting!

  6. Nathan

    Very nice list! My favorite part of being a dad is when my little girl brings me a book to read to her then climbs into my lap.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      We’re big readers, too!

  7. Phil

    My favorite thing about being a Dad is being able to be there/ be present for my kids and grow in relationship with them. Loosing my Dad at 7 has inspired me to be the best Dad I can and to be there for my kids and give what I couldn’t get.

    See Becca, I told you there was no good time to have kids LOL. Congratulations Becca and Conner!

    This year my Family is away traveling and I am alone but a good friend of mine invited me over to their house on Father’s day. I don’t need a special day. The special day is when your kids thank you for what you have done for them.

    Have a great weekend and Fathers day everyone.

  8. Wifey

    Congratulations to everyone! I called it- pictures at slightly abnormal angles, a short person at the back of the group… hehe! Being a mother is the most amazing thing Rebecca, such a beautiful addition to being a wife. Excited for you all!

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Yep! We have been doing that a bit lately… 🙂

  9. Arwen

    Whaaaaaaaat! Sooooo happy for Rebecca and your entire family who will become aunts, grandparents, etc. I had a suspicion that she was pregnant based on the previous photo you posted when you were at a conference with all the people that worked for you. Absolutely happy for your family.

    I resonate with the dad who said, “To do better than my father did.” I didn’t have the privilege of growing up in a good family. But i have learned from my family everything i will NOT be in my future family as a wife/mother and the husband/dad i’ll marry. great post!

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Yep, that was quite the photo! There’s an even funnier one with the four of us where it looks like Keith is hiding her stomach. 🙂

  10. Kacey

    Almost teared up at the announcement. I don’t know you all, but I am very happy for you.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Thank you!

  11. Kya

    I KNEW it!! In the picture of all of you with the limo, I could tell. The pictures at the conference confirmed it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  12. J. Parker

    Love this! So many great dads out there.

    But this weekend, my hubby might say the best thing is watching your grown son get married and adding a daughter to the family! (Wedding tomorrow. I know you and Keith have been there, Sheila. 😉 )

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Yay! I hope you have an AMAZING day. Absolutely amazing!

  13. Meagan

    Congrats!! I’ll never forget the first Father’s day I spent pregnant. It was the day I told my husband he was now a father too! Put a hot dog roll in our cold oven with the test and a note that said, “Hot Dawg! There’s a bun in our oven!” Told hubby the oven wasn’t working so he’d open it. He probably spluttered and said “What??” about 30 times. It was great!

    How did they tell you?

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      We knew they were trying, so they just facetimed us after they took they took the test. I wasn’t really a surprise, but it was fun nonetheless!

  14. Rachel Corpier

    Aww! Congratulations to everyone. I don’t even remember how I found your blog or whether I found it or Katie’s YouTube channel first, but I so admire your family, and I’m so happy for all of you and look forward to seeing the new baby who will be in your lives. 🙂
    My Dad was pretty busy when I was a kid, and we definitely interact better as “adults” together mainly because we have such similar personalities that we clashed a bit when I was younger. However, he’s been so supportive of me and family, and he has been so ready with financial help even during my marriage– seriously, I could never repay him for what he has paid for or given me help with home maintenance expenses or borrowing money from his brother to help me with college expenses and other expenses that came up regarding my husband. Then, I love seeing him interact with my sons and does a good job with them even if he’s awkward with babies. I definitely had a good laugh when he put my youngest son’s diaper on backwards while babysitting him. 😃
    And my husband is a great dad too although he goes by “papa.” His dad wasn’t the greatest, and he is setting himself up as separate from his dad, and besides, it matches “mama,” which is what I prefer to be called. I’m so proud of him for being great with our kids when he had a negative example of fatherhood. I love watching my three “guys” play together; it’s such a blessing.
    This is getting so long, but, anyway, happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and expectant fathers. 🙂

  15. Bethany

    Oh my goodness, congratulations!!!!!

  16. Stacey

    Congrats to your family! What a super exciting time for you all.

  17. Natalie

    Awwww, congratulations Rebecca & Connor!!! What wonderful parents you’ll make!! Marriage & parenting are definitely the best adventures there are in life. 🙂 <3


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