25 Best Boxer Shorts to Use as Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband

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25 Boxer Shorts for Your Husband at Christmas. Great Underwear Stocking Stuffers!

Looking for some funny stocking stuffers for your husband? I found a ton of boxer shirts that fit the bill!

(or fit the package, as the case may be). 

I was going to write an updated post on Sexy Stocking Stuffers for your husband, to go along with the post I wrote a few years ago. But as I was looking for sexy things, I kept finding all of these really quite funny boxer shorts. So I thought a better idea may be to run a post with some of the best of them, and then you’ll likely find one here that will make your husband laugh!

I think these are fun presents because they are actually practical (he can wear them!), but they’re also a little intimate and they’ll put a smile on his face. Oh, and I’ve included some simple ones that are just high quality, too, if you’re dying to throw out any underwear with holes in them! 

And this post contains affiliate links.

Let’s Start with a Selection of Funny Christmas Boxer Shorts:


“Just How Good Do I Have to Be?” Funny Boxers!

These are kind of fun. You can have him promising to be a good boy for you at night!

Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe!

Wait–WHERE does he want to be kissed?

He might really appreciate this one!

Feeling Turned On This Christmas?

He is! Or at least he will be when you give him these…

A Whole New Meaning to Santa’s Sack!

What’s he got in his sack?

I’m sure he’d like you to find out!

Ready for some Christmas Fun?

Christmas is a happy time–and maybe one of the things that brings joy to your life is your husband–and these boxers show him why. 🙂

What Do You Want for Christmas?

Show him with these boxers! All wrapped up, just for you…

What about some boxers that signal, “let’s get in the mood?”

Here’s a selection of sexy boxer shorts–or at least boxer shorts that signal sex!


Just Undo It–So You Can Do It!

These are kind of funny–CTL Z. But I’m sure he’d like to undo whatever you’re wearing, too. 

The Man, The Legend Boxers!

One of my favourites of all time!

Show your guy that you think his anatomy is, well, legendary (what guy doesn’t want to hear that?).

Tell Him He’s the Best!

The Best Husband Ever Boxers–with the compliment put in just the right place.

Give him the message!

Wanna Moose Around?

Maybe you’re a little more humour when you’re propositioning him. Or maybe he’d like to have something where he can gauge your mood, too!

These are super cute. Because sometimes you have to laugh in the bedroom…

Do You Go GaGa When You See Him in Boxers?

Show him what makes your eyes light up!

Put Your FACE You-Know-Where!

Awesome personalized boxers that will have you hugging him all day.

Lots of different options for how to personalize these, so click through!

For Those Who Prefer Sweet to Outright Sexy…

Hey, remind him that he loves you (and you love him!). And then, when he looks down, he’ll think of you. 🙂

Maybe you’d rather have boxer shorts that your husband will laugh at, but that he can wear all year round. More practical, after all! Then these may be up your alley:

Funny boxer shorts for men with a weird sense of humor!


Sascrotch Boxers!

Does your big guy sometimes feel like a Sasquatch?

Here’s your chance to laugh about it–while making a crotch joke. (What guy doesn’t like a good crotch joke?)

Love to Admire His Butt?

Tell him he’s got nice cheeks! 🙂

Ha Ha! Butt Ox for his Buttocks!

Somehow butt jokes never really get old.

Or at least, they don’t get old for many guys. 🙂 So if he likes these jokes, he’ll like these boxers!

Does He Still Love Fart Jokes?

Then how about gas station boxers? If you all are frequently commenting on what he’s producing, then laugh about it together!

Or how about boxers that are kind of geeky, nerdy, or patriotic? 

You need to be a special kind of person to appreciate some of these–but maybe your husband is just that guy!

Tell Him He’s Your Iron Man!

Use the periodic table to get the message across. 

He’s Patriotic–in Every Part of Him. 🙂

If he loves being an American, then let him wear it close to his skin. 

Great for Your Star Wars Guy Who Loves Fart Jokes!

If Star Wars and fart jokes go together, then he’ll love these boxer shorts. 

But what about boxer shorts that just, well, kinda make your husband look hot?

Maybe you don’t want the funny messages or even the sexy messages on the boxers. Maybe you just want ones that make him look awesome! I’ve got several suggestions, but I want to start with my absolute favourite–The Underwear Expert subscription box.

Underwear Expert Subscription Box

How would you like to pick the kind of underwear you get to see your husband in–PLUS he gets a high quality pair or two in the mail each month? This is actually my favourite!

Does your husband wear underwear with holes in it? Is he stuck in the same Hanes briefs that he wore in high school–and whenever he needs to replenish them, he just buys 4 more pairs of grey briefs?

How would you like to choose some cool new underwear for him–styles that you’d love to see him in? That’s what Underwear Expert does!

It’s a subscription service where you receive one or two pairs of underwear a month (your choice), that they send when you answer a quick questionnaire where they show you a whole bunch of pictures in different categories, and ask you which you like best. That way they understand your style and preferences. They search brands that are really high quality, very comfortable, and last a long time. And then they send you stuff that’s a lot more interesting than just Hanes grey briefs or plaid boxers.

I’m just in love with the fact that I got to answer all the questions on what styles I’d like to see on my husband! I had to get his waist measurement, yes, but other than that, it’s up to me! (And if they send you stuff you don’t like, you can just communicate with them and update your profile).

It’s just a fun way to get him outside of his comfort zone–so that you like seeing him in underwear better. Make 2020 the year that he stocks up on underwear that he would never  otherwise have bought–but which looks great on him.

You can cancel at any time, and your first box is 50% off–with free shipping within the U.S. when you order 2 pair.

Check it out!

Here are some other boxer shorts that are breathable, fun, and attractive!

Sexy Mesh Boxers–The Pic Doesn’t Do It Justice!

Okay, I didn’t want to post a picture of guys with 6-packs in mesh boxers. But these are actually quite sexy! And they look super breathable and quite comfortable, too. Hey, if you’re a camper, they likely dry really fast, too.

Love a Man in Camo?

Maybe your guy’s a hunter and you find that sexy. Or maybe he’s in the military or the reserves. Or maybe you just like camo! Here’s a new version of sexy boxers.

(And I could only put half the picture because, well, we don’t need to see all that): 

Super Soft Boxer Sorts

Made of combed cotton, and holds up great after washings, these super soft boxers look great, too!

Tommy Hilfiger Loose Fit Boxers

Does your husband like everything swinging in the wind? Does he like to feel free?

Then try these looser fit boxers that still look great!

New Balance Fitted Boxers

Or if he likes something tighter to the body, then try these New Balance boxers! They’re rated really high on Amazon, and they look great.

So there you go! A ton of boxer shorts to make your man smile (and maybe make YOU smile when you see your man!).

I always try to come up with some interesting gift posts at Christmas that kind of fit my blog, and I have to admit I had some fun finding these ones. I think they’re a great way to be flirty and have fun.

25 Boxer Shorts for Your Husband at Christmas. Great Underwear Stocking Stuffers!

What do you think? Do you put underwear in his stocking? And which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments! 

Written by

Sheila Wray Gregoire


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  1. Arwen

    Oh my word! Sheila, i’m dying here. You’re a trip. “The man, the legend” I can’t! Hahahahha…….

  2. Chrysti

    Hahaha these are great! I had to really stifle my giggles though so my kids didn’t run to see what I was laughing about. 🤣

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      I know! It was fun looking for them. And even though I like “The Man The Legend”, I actually giggle the most at the Iron Man one. Maybe I’m just a geek at heart.

  3. Sharlizma

    I LOVE these. I’ve already ordered a few for hubby. Thanks so much for these.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Glad you liked them!

    • Merrin Fennell

      I can’t seem to find some of these (ie. kiss me under the mistletoe and the legend ones) on Amazon. When I click on the link you have it keeps saying something like nothing is available with that name/title…

      • Sheila Wray Gregoire

        Oh, that’s so weird. It works for me. It could be your country? It could be that it’s only coming up in the U.S. (I was looking in the U.S.).

  4. Flo

    Haha, very nice, thank you! 🙂

  5. Lindsey Smith

    My husband and I both got a kick out of these! We were both like, “I think the Santa one is great!” until it dawned on me that Santa brings stuff in his bag for kids…after that, I felt a little weird about them. 😛 I may have to get him the legend pair, though.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Oh, yeah, that is weird. 🙂 They are cute, though, aren’t they?

  6. Megan

    These are amazing and hilarious! Well done, Sheila! I’ll be ordering a pair, for sure.

  7. Trudy

    Oh wow. The Santa’s Sack one had me rolling on the floor. What a great list. Thank you.

  8. Emily

    I found this idea a bit intriguing, but not having much to spend this year I made my own. I found some boxers the right colors on clearance. I already had iron on tranfer paper so I printed some pictures, ironed them on and I’m fairly pleased with the result. I hope he will be also.

  9. Adrienne Owens


  10. MP

    I’ve ordered Saxx underwear for gifts. They have lots of styles/colours, and looks like still a few holiday ones on the site. My husband said they lived up to the advertising about comfort/support, especially for sports. He loves them.



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