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Intimately Us Fun and Sexy Marriage App

If I were going to make a marriage app for couples to spice up their marriage, what would I focus on?

I’ve often wondered that. I’ve thought about how I’d encourage fun “games” where couples get challenges to do more foreplay, but in a fun way, that helps them explore each other’s bodies and figure out what feels good.

I’d try to do something that would break up the routine that we too often get into, so that we can feel fun and flirty again.

I’d design something that would let couples talk about what they’re comfortable doing–and what they’re not. And have an easy way to suggest new things to try that don’t make anyone feel pressured, but instead feel excited!

I’d include info that would help people learn some basic stuff about sex and anatomy that they may have missed (and last month’s series on libido, and how many women just aren’t receiving pleasure from sex, shows that this is really needed!)

I’d make sure that app wasn’t crass, or gross, or focusing on sex toys or porn or weird role playing or anything like that.

And I’d include lots of fun ways for couples to feel more emotionally connected, too, because without the emotional connection, sex is empty.

Thankfully, I don’t have to create that app, a fun & sexy app has already been made!

And thank you to Intimately Us for sponsoring this post!

Intimately Us is a fun & sexy app that helps couples prioritize sex and bring passion back to their marriage.

Playing the Intimately Us Game Together

So many of us want a passionate sex life, but we don’t know how to get there. We don’t know how to start those conversations. We don’t know how to get out of the rut. We don’t know how to tell our partner we want more foreplay, new positions, or just more romance!

But the Intimate Us app makes all of that easy–and fun!

Try new things in a fun, pressure-free way with the app’s sexy games for couples!

First up on the menu is the “Play” section–and this section’s fun!

Brainstorming new things and exploring what feels good can be awkward. Even just the idea of trying new things is daunting–where do you start?! Is it going to be embarrassing? Is my spouse going to like my ideas or not?

That’s where the games come in.

First of all, before each game you can go and turn off anything you’re personally not comfortable with. Don’t want any prompts including oral sex, the shower, or blindfolds? Simply turn it off! Then, when you’ve selected your comfort settings, you can simply follow the prompts for some spicy fun! And since the app is the one suggesting what you’re doing, you don’t need to spend a ton of time trying to brainstorm new things to try–it’s all done for you. 

Looking for some spice? Intimately Us's "play" section has a lot of ideas for you!

And once you figure out what you like, you can create your own foreplay ideas list, just for you!

The Intimately Us free game comes with some great ideas to launch you into sex–but the spicier stuff is reserved for the paid version. Roll the dice, and then you land on a square, and receive a prompt. The early prompts just help you talk and connect, like this:

Later prompts get you to start disrobing:

And then the steamier prompts build you towards sex tonight! Here’s a Chili Level 3, but I’m not going to show you higher than that because it’s just, well, weird with our names there!

With all the options, you can either skip if you don’t like it, and choose something else, or you can hit the chili pepper if you want to get to the steamier stuff more quickly!

And that’s not the only game. There’s also “Let’s Get It On”, “Talk Me Into It”, and “Pleasure Island“. 

With each game, you have two choices: Play it where the app roles a dice and your card appears, or play it where you’re given three ideas, and you can pick one for your spouse to do, and discard one that you really don’t like, taking turns. The paid version opens this up to endless possibilities! (here’s just a tame foreplay one, but they get much steamier):

What’s great about this game is that YOU choose–but you’re still pushed to be a little adventurous.

You have three choices, and you do need to choose one. But you can stick to what you’re comfortable with–and discard what you’re not.

The app is not about turning you into someone you’re not. It’s allowing who YOU are to come out!

That’s really the aim of the app–encouraging you to have fun and try things, but keeping you safe, relaxed, and not feeling pressured or pushed. Your relationship, your intimacy, is at the forefront.

It’s not about pushing your comfort zones as much as building your sexual confidence and fun!

And you can build that confidence with other fun things, like Battlestrip, creating your own foreplay routine, or even sending sexy invite texts. They have a whole bunch of them, and you just choose one and message it to your spouse!

Intimately Us Marriage App Steamy Invites

Next up is the Discover section–because Intimately Us is personal to YOU.

Yes, it’s an app that helps you spice things up and have better sex. But it doesn’t end there because the creators of Intimately Us understand that great sex starts with a great marriage. The “Discover” section is focused on building intimacy, with conversation starters, a platform to discuss sexual boundaries, date ideas, and more.

This is one of the big things that sets it apart from other apps in its genre–the ability to personalize it so much to you and your marriage.

And the Sexplorations List is an awesome addition I may write more about, because I like it so much. It has a bunch of questions where you answer yes, no, or maybe, and can add a note–so that your spouse understands you better. It’s your chance to explain why you don’t like to be groped (or why you do!).

Do you like euphemisms for body parts or to use specific words? The app lets you choose. And the prompts to have conversations about your comfort level, what things you’d like to try, or what are your big turn-ons and turn-offs mean that this isn’t just a generic sex check-list app, but a chance to develop intimacy. And that leads us to the next section:

The Intimately Us app was created to help you connect with your spouse in whole new ways–in the bedroom and out of it.

Take time creating a bucket list of things you want to try, and even set up reminders for each other to help you affirm your spouse the way they say will mean the most to them! The “Dream” section also includes a chance to write out fantasies you have had, type out intimate memories you have had with your spouse (sexual or not), and even list all those little things you love about each other.

Intimately Us works to improve marriages not only in the bedroom, but holistically by offering couples a way to vision and dream together, amping up not only the spice, but the romance and the fun, too!

The Intimately Us app is fantastic for couples who don’t want to just try new things, but want to actually get better at sex.

Next up: Learn!

Not only are you given lists of hundreds of new things to try and games to spice things up, but Intimately Us has an extensive “learn” section to teach you how to improve sexual technique, how to increase mutual pleasure, and how to try new things if you haven’t done them before. Many of the lessons start easy and amp up as you feel more confident, so if you’re a bit daunted by things like manual stimulation or oral sex or if you just want to figure out how to get better at those types of acts without having to google it, this is a great resource for you.

(And seriously, who wants to Google that stuff? Get the app instead!)

Intimately Us's "Learn" section is a well-stocked library of information for how to improve technique, the mechanics of sex, increasing pleasure, and more.

One of the features I love best is the Sex Life Checkup. It’s 40 questions you talk through (not all at once!) on things like arousal and desire, routine and ruts, sexual health, and more. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about things when YOU’RE not the one asking the question–the app is!

Both Rebecca and I had a chance to talk to Daniel, who created the app, and try it out, before it went live. We loved his vision for helping couples discover their sexual preferences and confidence and being able to talk with each other about things, without getting crass or gross. And we love that he lets you toggle OFF anything from the very beginning that you’re just not okay with.

It really is an app that’s focused on YOU and your marriage. I’ve only scratched the surface in this post–there’s so much to discover (and do! 🙂 ).

And “Fun” and “Sexy” should be two words that fit your marriage.

If they’re not–what if they can be? What if you could receive prompts during the day of things to text your spouse to build them up (and flirt of course!)? What if you could discover what really turns your spouse on, and open up exploration in a relaxed but exciting way?

What if tomorrow night, instead of wondering if sex was just going to be five minutes long and leave you hanging, you could know that you’d be playing a game that would ramp up sex, encourage foreplay, and actually let you feel closer and learn about each other?

Check it out now!


P.S.: Can I just say how much I love the fact that an app like this exists?

An app that isn’t crass. An app that doesn’t just try to get you to do whatever your spouse wants you to do, even if it makes you uncomfortable. An app that doesn’t try to fit sex into any particular mold.

Instead, it’s an app that’s focused on YOU. An app that understands that sex is really an expression of the intimacy you already share, and sex should flow out of that.

An app that isn’t awkward, but instead is empowering.

You were meant to feel sexy. You were meant to be sexually confident. And if you have trouble being assertive, asking for what you want, figuring out what feels good–well, often that’s so much easier when a prompt is telling you what to try.

So try it out!  I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

Written by

Sheila Wray Gregoire


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  1. Phil

    Phil gives this app thumbs up 👍🏻 This is really a useful app that seems like it will help us with some of our issues. Kinda like from experience …Just sayin 😬. Uh I want to do that again lol.

  2. Trevor

    How would you compare this to the Ultimate Intimacy app? We used the UI app (paid version) for about 2 years but didn’t renew this year. Definitely interested in your thoughts since we were glad we followed you advice on the other app and look forward to trying this one.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      It’s done by the same person who developed the other, but for different reasons they decided to make their own this time. I think the games are far more customizable, and I really like that. And I think the aim of this one, unlike the Ultimate Intimacy, is that you discover more about your spouse and yourself. So it’s really focused on: here are three choices. Which one do you not like, which one do you REALLY like, and which one is neutral? Or let’s figure out what makes you tick. So you still get to spice things up, try new things, make foreplay a lot more fun–but you also discover each other’s turn ons and turn offs a lot better!

      • Trevor

        After downloading it and paying the one-time payment yesterday, I have to say I’m really impressed it with it. We went through all of the questions and love the interface between devices. We haven’t gotten into everything yet, but I would have to agree that it’s much more comprehensive and focused on getting to know each other. I’m quite impressed and love the variety that has been implemented into this new app. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Ken Worley

    We are a married couple in our 60’s. My wife has vaginally dryness. We have tried lubricant but are not satisfied. Are there lubricants that do a superior job? Is there another solution?

    • Beverly

      Ken, I am 57 and have had the same “problem” as your wife, severely so. I found that Carlson Key-E vaginal suppositories work wonders (available at Amazon). I’ve also found that getting all caffeine out of my diet has helped since it is dehydrating. We also use coconut oil externally for foreplay.

  4. KP

    Overall, my husband and I have really liked the app! We like that it looks at sex as intimacy and works to build emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy. The only issue we did find was in the “Learn” section under “technique and how-to”, we felt like the section on oral sex took a little too much from our culture’s view on oral sex and what seems contrary to a lot of your writing. It implied that oral sex was an important part of a healthy sex life for many men, even while acknowledging that many women will struggle with it. This implies that women, if they want to give their husbands a healthy sex life, MUST give oral sex. The description of a why a man enjoys oral sex (for him) was pretty graphic and felt pulled directly from a teen’s fantasy or porn magazine. Also, it says (in an neutral way) that certain positions are more enjoyed b/c they are associated with a sense of power. Admittedly, it says this about certain positions for giving the wife oral sex in certain positions, but sex shouldn’t be about power and we certainly don’t need more reasons to have men assert power over women in sex. Again, like a lot of content on the app, but concerned about some of the themes we saw in that article.

  5. SA Survivor

    Hi Sheila,
    I have no idea if you read new comments on old blog posts, but I wanted to make my comment here instead of via email for the benefit of others to read.
    My husband is a wonderful man. This year we will celebrate our 23rd anniversary. Just before our 20th anniversary, he disclosed to me a lifelong struggle with porn and sexual addition. I was completely in the dark about it up to that point. Since then, he’s actively been in recovery via groups, therapy, and lots of personal work. The change, maturity, and growth I’ve witnesses in him is huge. Even miraculous.
    Earlier this year, someone recommended your blog to me. I read a few posts and pre-ordered The Great Sex Rescue. I loved it and have recommended it to others. Thank you for this very important work you’re doing. For me, there has been no bigger lightbulb-moment than that the Bible doesn’t actually teach that sex is a woman’s duty. My husband and I had both been taught that it was, and I had been doing my duty like a good Christian wife for all these years, not knowing what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t feel the desire, much less passion, that I did in our earliest days. I figured that’s just the way life goes. It would be difficult to overstate how much the duty sex message was actually destroying me, or how different things are since I’ve learned the truth. So thank you, thank you, thank you for this work. I’m grateful.
    All that being said, I am still a survivor of my spouse’s history of sexual addiction. I still have wounds that are healing and issues that I’m working through. When my husband heard about this app on one of your recent podcasts, he downloaded it, mentioned it to me and sent me the invite. I immediately felt uncomfortable although I couldn’t understand why. Then I got an email encouraging me to greet him naked at the door that night, which is exactly what some of the Christian books that you have spoken out against also suggested that I do. Then he showed me a few of the games, something you play on a screen, where the “winner” gets to claim the sexual favors he or she won from his/her partner. This screamed DUTY and OBLIGATION to me. It was completely triggering, and we got in a huge fight over it, and we are working through the aftermath of that now.
    I want to be more playful. I wish I was the kind of woman who was OK with using an app like this, but I’m not and perhaps I never will me. Because of the trauma? The message? Probably.
    I don’t think you or your team has a history of sexual addition trauma, so you might not have been aware that this is a potentially really triggering thing to recommend to those couples who do. At least the ones in relatively early recovery (almost three years for me). And perhaps you did give some sort of a warning on the podcast that my husband didn’t process. But I just wanted to pass my experience along so that you can consider it, take it into account and if you so choose to modify your presentation of this app in the future.
    Thanks for all you do. I really appreciate your good work.

    • Lisa

      SA Survivor, I’m so sorry for what you’ve gone through. I agree with you that some parts of the app are degrading or juvenile and we uninstalled it pretty quickly.
      I would like to recommend a resource to you. There’s a podcast called “Restoring the Soul” and the episodes featuring Julianne Cusick are specifically about healing from betrayal trauma and how many well-meaning people can harm a survivor rather then help.

  6. Lisa

    We got the app and were disappointed. The date night ideas were really boring, in our opinion. Making cupcakes? No thanks. The intimacy challenges felt silly and forced. I hope they continue to work on it.


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