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I’m super proud of our Bare Marriage merch–and think it makes great gifts! 

We’re in the throes of the Christmas season now, and the deadline for buying merch and getting it delivered by Christmas is December 10, so the rush is on!

And we have some awesome designs that will make you smile, make people think, and get everyone talking! Plus when you buy our merch, you support the blog and the podcast and help us keep doing what we’re doing. 

For Christmas we’ve added t-shirts and hoodies in more colours than just ash and grey, and we’ve added some his and hers items too! Here’s what we’ve got!

Our merch cuts through the stereotypes and inspires all of us to be who God made us to be!  

Set boundaries like Vashti. Stand up like Esther. Protect like Abigail. And my personal favourite–seek justice like Tamar. 

Or garden like Adam, cook like Jacob, submit to female leadership like Barak, or write poetry like David.

That’s biblical manhood and biblical womanhood! There isn’t one way to be a Christian man or one way to be a Christian woman, so let’s celebrate all that we can be for God, with our Biblical Manhood and Biblical Womanhood collection.

We have t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, tote bags, and more! And my personal favourite–insulated travel mugs. We even have biblical manhood aprons (as requested by several readers!), and a “his and hers” bundle sale on the mugs! 

Want a more succinct version of biblical womanhood that makes a statement?

That’s our prayer & tent pegs line! 

Again, we’ve got it available in a number of items, and it makes a great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for women’s ministry leaders or small group leaders. 

Love AND Respect–because we all need both!

Let’s put a new twist on love & respect! You don’t have to choose one or the other, or even have a preference. God made us to want both! 

This year we came out with versions for “him” and “her,” and have also created a bundle sale where if you buy the pair, you’ll get a discount!

All our designs are available as stickers and magnets, too!

Buy them for your fridge, or put the sticker on your computer. They make great stocking stuffers as well.

And don’t forget our Harmful Materials stickers, which are super fun to give to counselors or writers or pastors who are keeping harmful books around for research–but want others to be warned!

 We also have released two new merch lines as limited edition merch items for Christmas–our “They Call Me Jezebel” collection, a badge of honor since if you’re a woman speaking out about injustice on the internet, you’re going to be called a “Jezebel” at some point by a sexist man who feels threatened, and our “Science Rocks” collection, a celebration of how Christians do not need to fear science, because we serve the author of it! 

Buying our merch helps us immensely. 

You help fund us, and you give us tremendous encouragement! I love seeing the orders come in. And I love seeing the pics of you all wearing your merch or drinking out of your mugs! 

So thank you for your support. And have fun shopping! 

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Sheila Wray Gregoire


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Sheila Wray Gregoire

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