10 Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Husband

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Marriage | 6 comments

10 great gift ideas for your husband! Check out these stocking stuffers for your husband he's going to love!
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Ever find you’ve gotten everyone a present…except your husband?

Some years it just happens. The neighbors have their Christmas cookie plate, the teacher gifts are ready, you’ve prepped for the white elephant gift exchange for work, and you even think you’ve got equal presents for the kids. And then comes the dreaded realization that your husband is, as of this moment, gettin’ nothin’ for Christmas, through no fault of his own. Guys are just hard to buy for. If your husband is anything like the men in my life, he’s also probably pretty poor at articulating his wish list before New Year’s Eve. In previous years, I’ve written huge posts about stocking stuffers for your husband, which have become some of my most popular ones. I scoured Amazon to try to find some more that were funny and practical. So here are 10 last-minute stocking-stuffer ideas for your husband, to complement the ones I’ve already come up with: This post contains affiliate links, which I make a small commission from when a purchase is made at no extra cost to you. 

1. Sleep Headphones ($18.97)

This is great for husbands who have a hard time falling asleep. He can pop on a podcast, white noise, or audiobook to help stop the obsessive “what time is it?! It’s been so since I slept!” merry go round. These sleep headphones lay flat against your head as part of a headband, so they won’t hurt your ears like traditional earbuds do when you’re lying down. They’re also great for exercising in places (like Ontario!) where the winters are cold since they fit easily under a hat and cover your ears to boot!

2. LED headlamp ($8.99)

Headlamps are great for camping, for hands free light during a power outage, or for tinkering in a tight space. They’re a nice item to have on hand for emergencies of all varieties and they’re a practical gift that’s still gets points for creativity.

3. Passive Aggressive Notes 2019 Desk Calendar ($17.99)

Being passive aggressive is not good behavior. However, it is really fun to laugh at OTHER PEOPLE behaving badly. So pick up a daily dose of permissive fun so you can let off steam starting January 1. Want more great ideas for gifts for your husband? Here’s a post filled with 34 stocking stuffer ideas for your husband! 

4. Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack ($14.95)

Homemade popcorn is a great snack full stop, but it’s especially great for those of us fighting the battle of the bulge. It’s easily customizable with spices, but the fat content is also controlled. It’s a really fun ritual to make popcorn before sitting down to enjoy a board game or a show each weekend.

5. Batman Knee Socks with Cape ($5.95)

Let’s all just be honest with ourselves: Edna Mode was wrong, the Caped Crusader is amazing. Let your Bruce Wayne show his true Batman colors with knee socks that come pre-caped. It’s a legitimately silly gift, but it’ll get a chuckle and that’s a win already.

Why not take it up a notch and give your husband a gift he’ll REALLY love?

For Christmas this year, take the 31 Days to Great Sex Challenge with your husband! The 31 Days to Great Sex Challenge will help you and your husband reach new levels of emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy. And it’s only five bucks, which is the price of one Starbucks holiday latte. To make this a stocking stuffer, I made coupons for you to print out and address to your husband! Check out the coupons here!

6. NFL team E-touch gloves ($16)

It’s simple: form and function. I don’t know who your husband’s team is, but they make gloves for each one. We Canadians are always happy for a new pair of gloves, and I know I really like being able to use my phone without taking them off if I need to make a call outside in the freezing! It’s a simple gift, but one that’s sure to be a winner.

7. Bug-a-salt insect eradication gun ($39.95)

Tired of the fly swatter? Then arm your hubby with the bug-a-salt insect eradication gun. It’s a salt-shooting pistol that promises to rid your home of flying pests… while allowing your husband to add color commentary and sound effects to his fly-killing exploits. Just be sure to extract a promise that he’ll clean up the salt when he’s done.

8. Sushi Go Party game ($19.99)

Sushi Go is a really easy, fast, fun card game. The party version ups the number of people who can play to 8, which makes it a winner for most family gatherings. It’s whimsical, it’s easy to learn, and I’ve never met a person who didn’t enjoy playing it. The illustrations alone will charm any recalcitrant relative into playing. Like these ideas? Check out my list of 22 Sexy Stocking Stuffer Ideas next!

9. A Set of High Quality German Pens ($4.53)

Stabilo pens are a great, high quality pen. The world is going digital, but, let’s be honest, a post-it-note still works wonders. I love the luxury of using a pen that writes well, but most guys I know limp along with cheap pens obtained from unsuspecting hotel rooms. These are a huge step up.

10. Tire pressure gauge ($19.99)

This falls into the boring-gifts-that-get-used-all-the-time camp. We’ll categorize this with socks and nice underwear as gifts that are exciting to grow ups, even if they baffle the kids! This gauge is heavy duty and has a steampunk look that will be sure to impress, so maybe the kids won’t be scratching their heads quite as much. What is your favourite of these stocking stuffer ideas? What are some of your go-to last minute present ideas? Let’s chat about it in the comments! 10 great gift ideas for your husband! Check out these stocking stuffers for your husband he's going to love! #stockingstuffers #christmaspresents #christmas #christmasgifts #buyinggifts #giftideas [adrotate banner=”302″][adrotate group=”11″]
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  1. Beck

    Bug a salt rifle really works!! Best gift ever!!
    My son, brother-on-law, AND 72 year old Father-in-law all have their own guns!! Works well for flies and icky spiders or bugs you don’t want to touch with a tissue! Ask him to kill them!! Or use it yourself!!

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      That is absolutely hilarious. I’m really thinking of getting one myself!

      • Natalie

        I bought one several days ago for Christmas simply based on the cleverness and hilariousness of their commercial. Look it up on YouTube. haha

  2. Flo

    Haha, number 10 made me laugh, since my husband asked for a tire pump (it turned out there are small ones that have a gauge and can be plugged inside the car!)

  3. Rosie

    I can honestly say my husband wouldn’t appreciate any of these! Or most of the other things you see on “what to buy for your husband” lists. He is extremely difficult to buy for – very nice about whatever I get him, but it tends to stay unused or disappear. This year though, our TV was on the blink, so we decided to buy a new one as our Christmas present to each other. Sorted! I am also planning a twelve days of Christmas thing; I’ve bought a little gift relating to each verse of the song, and my daughter and I are going to write notes or draw pictures to go with them, telling reasons we love him and things we want to say thank you for.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Oh, that’s really lovely, Rosie!


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