Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Husband: Top 10 Gifts Ideas for Any Budget!

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Marriage | 5 comments

Valentine's Day gift ideas for your husband! Gifts for difficult to buy for husbands, gift ideas for husbands who don't seem to need anything! #marriage #valentinesday #giftguide #giftideas #husband #husbandgifts
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Today I was determined to come up with some awesome, romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband–that don’t involve ties.

Of course, many guys like ties, so if that’s your hubby, that’s fine. But a lot of us are looking for more original ideas.

I’m not really a gift person. My mother and my youngest are AWESOME at gifts, and then I’m always at a loss, which makes me feel like a louse. And I know some of us are married to guys that are really good gift givers, and then we always look like we didn’t put in any effort, when it’s really that we have no idea where to look!

I do think, too, that we make Valentine’s Day way too much into “women’s” day. Yes, it’s wonderful when husbands shower gifts on their wives. But why not take the day to bless him and show him how much you love him as well?

So for all of you gift-challenged people like me, I asked a bunch of my assistants to scour the internet for some great ideas, and here’s what we’ve come up with.

FTC Disclaimer: Some of these items were sent to us for free to review. We like to review products before recommending them, so we know we’re sending you to companies we have found to be honest, professional, and innovative. All opinions are our own! 

1. His and Hers robes embroidered with your initials.

Want to add some relaxation to your husband’s life? Get him a set of his and hers robes embroidered with your initials. I have a friend who gives this as bridal shower gifts, but they’d be a great valentine’s day present as well. You’ll have to get the embroidery added after you get the robes, but it’s done really quickly and is surprisingly cheap.

Then you can snuggle while watching movies or your favourite show in the robes–and nothing else!

2. Tell him you want to re-vamp your sex life!

If you’re looking for a sex life reboot, or just want to spend a month developing your love life together, try my 31 Days to Great Sex challenge. It’s a wonderful way to invest in each other and to set yourselves up sexually for the rest of your marriage, whether you’re newlyweds or have been married for decades.

3. Get yourself a treat–for him!

This is a gift idea you’ve likely thought of, but here’s the truth: your husband will likely love it if you buy yourself some lingerie. And while for many teddys and little outfits to be worn for a few minutes are the go-to, I’d also really recommend getting some classy, sexy, wearable pajamas that you can both enjoy regularly. I’d just suggest something more like this and less like that. 😉

4. Tell him you’re taking the Boost Your Libido course

Struggling with low libido and ready for a change? Tell him this Valentine’s Day that you want an awesome sex life–and are willing to work with him to get there!

The Boost Your Libido Course will guide you through the common roadblocks women face when it comes to libido and coach you through overcoming the mental, physical, and psychological barriers you are facing. As well, if you want something physical your husband can open, we have Valentine’s Day print-outs available, so slip it in an envelope and he’ll be thrilled! For more information about the course, click here.

5. A Seriously Nice Wallet

When it comes to gift giving for husbands–especially husbands who already seem to have it all–sometimes gifts that elevate the simple things in life are the perfect ones. Like upgrading an old, falling apart, bulky wallet for a slim, stylish, and high-tech one.

We love Ekster wallets. Not only are they secure, since they are RFID and NRC-blocking wallets, but they are trackable due to a solar panel in the case that doesn’t even require direct access to the sun. 

That means if you lose your wallet, you can track it down. And it means that it’s practically James Bond’s wallet.

Plus, they’re running some pretty awesome discounts all through Valentine’s Day! Check out the Ekster wallets!

6. A FitBit

Keith and I both love our Fitbits. We wear them constantly and they really do look great. The other thing is, of course, that they incentivize more walking and that leads to looking and feeling better. A friend of mine has three brothers and they use their pedometers to have races with each other to see who can take the most steps. Fitbits are a great investment to help you meet your fitness goals, especially with spring just around the corner!

7. Something to help him develop a new interest

Joanna, one of my assistants, picked up a bonsai growing kit as a Christmas gift for her husband (okay, she says he actually picked it out for himself… but still. Gift procured.) They’ve finally gotten the seeds planted and they are waiting for little germinating bonsai trees. The kit was really easy to use, though they suggest doing some additional reading online before you do anything else, and they’re hoping to have a fun and easy hobby to work on together for a few years.

I was also amazed at how inexpensive telescopes have become. You can get a starter model for $48?! Grab some popcorn, put on your robes, and go find yourselves Jupiter’s moons, alpha centauri, and a supernova. Maybe I’m just a hopeless nerd, but that sounds like a really fun, romantic evening to me.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for your husband! Gifts for difficult to buy for husbands, gift ideas for husbands who don't seem to need anything! #marriage #valentinesday #giftguide #giftideas #husband #husbandgifts

8. A new board game

Legacy games are a really fun way to board game. When you open Pandemic Legacy Season 1 you’ll find a secret dossier with little folders to open, a legacy deck that you can only read at certain times, and a set of 8 mysterious boxes you can only open when you meet certain conditions. Pandemic Legacy is played over the space of a year and each month has new challenges as the story is revealed. One of my assistants played it over Christmas and let me share her rave review:

With Pandemic Legacy, we got to build a world around us. You name your characters and, eventually, assign them relationships with other characters. My sister-in-law and I were “coworkers” and we came up with this elaborate backstory about how we were desk buddies. The game was really cleverly designed so that the stakes kept getting higher but we also felt we were up for the challenge. The four of us who played: me, my husband, my sister, and my sister-in-law, were all incredibly engaged in the story and we loved working together to “save the world” over and over again. It was, simply put, the best board gaming experience I’ve ever had.

There's still time to WIN a free Hive board game!

Until February 12th, Gen 42 Games is working with us to give away a free copy of their game Hive, one of our favourite two-player games. It’s quick to learn and fun to play, and if you enter the raffle you could win a copy for free!

9. His-And-Hers Electric Blankets

Now, we live in Canada, aka the Great White North (but temperatures did reach 50 degrees in Belleville yesterday, even though it’s February. So there’s hope!) But regardless of the occasional thaw, winters are cold here and so, like many of you, we turn down our thermostats to deal with the cold weather. And so, we Canadians love our electric blankets. Apparently they even make programmable his-and-hers blankets so that you can have the bed pre-warmed before you end your nightly routine with each side of the bed at the perfect temperature. How cool is that?!

10. A Valentine’s Day gift to make him look super cool

Cool watch and sunglasses from MVMT Valentine's Day gift for your husband

MVMT, that makes awesome sunglasses and watches for both genders, emailed me and asked if I’d like to have some for free to try out. Well, I don’t have any good sunglasses, and I know I need to wear more fashionable watches, so I said sure! They’re amazing. The sunglasses have heft to them (like they don’t feel that they’re about to crack), they’re very pretty, and they come in a very sturdy case. And the watch is so pretty!

Here  I am with my new glasses and watch, down in Florida where Keith and I are currently at with our RV, where we’re doing some work, some birding, and some speaking. I know these are for me, but MVMT has a whole line of men’s products as well. Check them out! I always find it harder for men to look fashionable or put together, because have fewer options for accessories than we do. So a high quality, eye catching watch or great glasses can be a real bonus.

And use coupon code SHEILAGREGOIRE15 for $15 off anything in the store!

What are some of your Valentine’s Day gift ideas for husbands? Especially for men who don’t seem to need or want anything? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Anonymous

    The best Valentine’s Day gift from my wife would be her saying yes to SEX!

    • Patience is wearing thin

      Same for me. I’d be the happiest woman on the planet!

  2. Natalie

    We’ve never really been a big gift giving couple, especially on Valentine’s Day. (Heck, I’m lucking if he gets me a Christmas or birthday present or even remembers my birthday without me telling him the week before! That hurts my feelings cuz those are important days to me, but I digress). I’ve always seen Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday, and seriously DO NOT need more chocolate in my life! (though flowers are always welcomed lol, as they are for any reason or no reason at all in my book). For us, Valentine’s Day has pretty much just been a sex day, which for all of our marriage until recently, was sex for him (as it was all the time). Even if he tried to spend a little time on me to make me feel good, it never resulted in anything and he’d get worn out or bored before anything came of his efforts.

    I love lingerie and have bought some for both of us in the past (me to wear and him to enjoy), but unfortunately, my husband doesn’t really care for lingerie. He said he prefers me naked and having sex with him. Ugh. When I explained why I like lingerie (i.e. cuz I like being “unwrapped” and it’s a form of foreplay that makes me feel sexy, plus it makes him spend more time on foreplay too), he finally understood. I guess he never really looked at it that way until I told him (which is probably something a lot of men don’t really spend time thinking about). So now, he knows I like lingerie and he knows that he should be enjoying it more too with me and spending more time on foreplay. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting some form of lingerie this year (which is good since I have very little and have shared with him several sets I’ve had my eye on for several months). And since he doesn’t really need more stuff (primarily because he always buys things for himself whenever he needs them, so I never have anything new to give him when the holidays roll around), I’ll be making some chocolate dipped strawberries for him/us with homemade whipped cream for us to enjoy together. 😉 (Plus, for dinner, I’m making some steaks in a pan Gordon Ramsey style – look up Gordon Ramsey How To Cook The Perfect Steak on YouTube… it’s literally the best steak I’ve ever had in my life! On par with $50-100 steaks I’ve eaten in top restaurants before – and some sautéed green beans with rice pilaf for dinner. So all that gourmet cooking is his gift too).

    I feel more comfortable when Valentine’s Day is used as a holiday to work on your marriage instead of another excuse to get a gift or item you/he may not necessarily want or need. (Now if he wants or needs something and Valentine’s Day is the next nearest holiday, that’s a different story imo).

  3. Anonymous

    I think it depends on what is meaningful to your husband. If he is a “gifts” person, a tangible item is the way to go. If he is a “words” person, then a card or handwritten note would mean more. An “acts of service” guy would prefer a specific action like maybe completing a task that he has been dreading. A special date or a couple hours of alone time would show love to a “quality time” guy. Maybe a massage for the “physical touch” guy. Get creative with whatever shows him love most- I once wrote a choose your own adventure story for my words guy. Another time I wrote a play for the two of us. Valentines Day doesn’t have to be an actual gift unless that’s what means love to your husband.

  4. Flo

    How about turning the tradition around and getting him some sexy classy thongs for men? 🙂


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