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OBLIGATION SEX SERIES: 10 Things to Know about Obligation Sex

Obligation Sex is the idea that a wife is obligated to have sex when her husband wants to. It’s that simple. It was one of the beliefs that we studied in our survey of 20,000 women for our book The Great Sex Rescue, and we found that when women believed this message...

DANVERS STATEMENT SERIES: Complementarian Problem #1: Men Dominating their Wives

Sheila here! Keith’s had something gnawing at him for quite a few months, and asked if he could write the series for June where he can build his case. He’s recently read the Danvers Statement, the statement that solidifies the complementarian view of marriage based on...

The KISSING Series: 7 Reasons Kissing in Marriage Can Stop!

Do you remember your pre-teen years when you used to dream of kissing your crush? In those days you likely couldn't imagine much beyond kissing, but kissing was a BIG DEAL. All the romance movies ended when the couple had their first kiss. The culmination of teenage...

The Sex Recovery Series: 4 Point Plan to Rebuild Your Sex Life

How do you dig out of a pit you’ve dug for your sex life in marriage? A 4 point plan to rebuild sex, starting with reframing sex & making everyone feel safe.

The Obligation Sex Series

  • 10 Things to Know about Obligation Sex
  • Why Obligation Sex Destroys Libido (and how it affects us long-term) (coming soon)
  • A Way Forward to Recovery from Obligation Sex (coming soon)
  • You Don’t Need to Consent to Being Used (coming soon)
  • When Your Husband Won’t Let go of Obligation Sex (coming soon)
  • The Obligation Sex podcast (coming soon)

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Plus please see our Great Sex Rescue Toolkit for handy downloads about the effects of obligation sex that you can give to your pastor, counselor, small group leader–anyone who teaches it!

And see chapters 9 and 10 in The Great Sex Rescue for all our charts, stats, and commentary!

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