10 Kissing Games to Play with Your Husband

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Sexual Intimacy | 13 comments

Kissing Games with Your Spouse
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Kissing in marriage should be fun!

But too often kissing stops once we’re married. We see it as foreplay, and many women don’t want to put a downpayment down on something they may not want to buy later, if you know what I mean. And many men don’t see the point in kissing if it’s not going to go somewhere, right now.

And that’s sad, because we lose one of the best ways to flirt, laugh, boost your libido, feel close, and all those fun things!

This week there are lots of sad things in the news. Politics is perplexing. There’s a huge expose of sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Church. Bad news everywhere.

But it’s Valentine’s Day week, so this week we’re going to have some fun!

Yesterday I shared a new product I’ve created with 24 sexy dares that you can do together–8 for her; 8 for him; and 8 for you both together. I hope those help you spice things up and have some fun!

Today I want to talk about what can come BEFORE those dares–namely kissing! Let’s start smooching, to get the engines running and have fun. So consider the dares the R-rated version, and consider these more PG. But both are important!

And kissing helps you in ways you may not know! The extra saliva production helps your teeth. It lowers anxiety and blood pressure. It exercises your face! And best of all, it makes you feel close.

So here goes–10 kissing games you can add to your marriage to have some fun. Pick one and do it this week!

Kissing Games to Play with Your Spouse

1. Recreate a movie kiss

Have a favourite movie? Watch it, and study one of the best kisses. Then try to recreate it! Some of my favourites: the “practice” kiss from The Wedding Singer for something sweet; the passionate kiss on the dock from The Notebook (bonus if  you say “It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over!”) or from The Titanic; the silly upside down kiss from Spiderman (the Tobey Maguire version); the “accidental” eating the same spaghetti noodle kiss from Lady & the Tramp. Study the kiss first (often you can find clips on YouTube) and then try to act it out, move for move!

2. Recreate your first kiss

What were you doing? What were you thinking? What led up it?

Try to remember, and then relive it!

3. Kiss them when they can’t move–first one to laugh loses!

One of you has to stand or sit stock still. You can’t move. Not even your lips. The other has to kiss you on the mouth, lips, everything. The first one to laugh loses! Do this one back and forth periodically and keep a running tally of who’s the first to cave. It can leave you in stitches.

4. Kiss to a Timer!

Often we think we kiss for a lot longer than we actually do. Set a timer for 15 seconds and kiss the whole time. It’s a lot longer than you think. And you may find that halfway through your mood changes and you get really into it!

5. Undress while kissing—and no opening eyes, either!

Okay, here’s one that will either have you passionate or having you laughing like crazy. I’m betting on the latter for most of you.

The rules: take off any item of clothing which has to be removed over the head, but leave everything else on (even socks). Now, start kissing, and you have to remove every item of clothing the other person is wearing (yes, even socks) without unlocking your lips or opening your eyes. It’s harder than it sounds! And it’s kinda funny.

6. Guess the Flavour Kiss

Buy some flavoured lip balms and give him a long, luxurious kiss. Then ask him to guess the flavour you’re wearing! Give him three options to choose from to make it easier (is it apple; strawberry; or mint?)

7. The ACTUAL Kissing Game

This works just like the classic “drinking” game, when every time someone does something predictable that’s been decided on beforehand you take a drink. The classic is political debates–whenever anyone uses a stock phrase, you drink up.

  • Well, here we’re going to kiss up! Here are some ideas:
  • Watch a Hallmark movie, and every time someone says a “fake” swear word (like dagnubit), you kiss
  • Watch a Twilight movie, and every time there’s a meaningful stare across a movie, you kiss (that’s about 1/4 of the movies, apparently, so that’s a lot of kissing)
  • Watch an episode of Friends, and every time Joey does something stupid or people laugh at Joey, you kiss
  • Watch a football game, and every time a penalty flag is thrown
  • Watch an action movie, and every time a gun is fired

etc. etc. You can make up your own!

8. The Kiss’n Massage Me Game

Okay, maybe this one isn’t really a game. It’s just something I love. Take turns massaging each other’s necks, temple, and jawline and jaw muscles. (My jaw muscles are always so tight I really need this). Then, when you’re done and they’re really relaxed, kiss your spouse everywhere you’ve massaged them, ending with their lips.

9. Yoga Kissing (for Flexibility)

Another one guaranteed to get you laughing! Choose a yoga pose; both of you do it. Then figure out how to kiss without falling over or letting go of too much of the pose. Great ones to try are:

  • Triangle Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Warrior II
  • Balancing the Cat

Not flexible enough? Try kissing while playing twister!

10. The “Gross Your Kids Out” Kissing Game

My personal favourite–gross out your kids! Kiss in front of your children. Nothing R rated, of course. But kiss like crazy! Kids actually like seeing that their parents enjoy each other and are affectionate together. They may say Eeeewwww. Older ones may say, “get a room!” But let your kids know that marriage is fun, you love each other, and your marriage is rock solid. 🙂

Of course, once you do these you may start to WANT to do more than just kiss. I’ve got  you covered! My 24 Sexy Dares for Couples is super fun, and it gives you the chance to try new things, but also work on helping her experience more pleasure; helping both of your confidence with each other; and even growing your emotional and spiritual connection.

Does your marriage need some spicing up–and some fun?

Try these 24 dares–plus one bonus–to take your marriage to the next level!

If you find things getting stale, start kissing. And then try these dares! If you buy them, we’ll even send you a coupon that you can give to your spouse on Valentine’s Day to make it into a gift. There’s enough here to last a year, so have some fun!

Let’s talk in the comments: Why do you think so many couples stop kissing? How do you make it more frequent? Let me know!

Written by

Sheila Wray Gregoire


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  1. Laura

    My husband and I do #10 so often, the kids aren’t even phased. Lol

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Then you guys are awesome parents! 🙂

  2. Would like more kissing

    Unfortunately, the stereotype presented ( “We see it as foreplay, and many women don’t want to put a downpayment down on something they may not want to buy later, if you know what I mean. And many men don’t see the point in kissing if it’s not going to go somewhere, right now.”) doesn’t work for me and my wife.
    I love to kiss, but since we’ve been married, my wife finds anything more than a quick peck difficult. French kissing is not on the table. It’s not foreplay for her, it’s just uncomfortable. Perhaps because it’s too “intimate”. I don’t know.
    Could you do a piece on “what to do if you (our your spouse) find kissing difficult”?

    • LS

      I love the idea of kissing, and occasionally I love kissing. I really disliked my husbands technique a lot of the time at the beginning of our marriage. So much that it’s a turn off. But through honest communication and practice we have gotten better. The book titled “Enjoy: The gift of Sexual pleasure for women” by Joyce and Clifford Penner has a section on kissing. They reccomend that the woman lead in kissing, because I guess it’s a common problem with women to not like their husbands kissing. It’s usually “TOO much”. Have you tried asking your wife to show you how she prefers to be kissed? When and how much tongue? What she wants you to do with your hands while kissing (framing her face, holding her close, etc)? If not, it might be worth asking. And remember, the goal of French kissing isn’t to lick the back of your partners throat. Less is usually more. 😉

  3. Kimberly Smith

    I recently talked to my husband about our kissing and why we don’t do it often(we may get a kiss once a day) not good timing, bad breath from food or morning breath(and by the time we do brush our teeth we are not in the mood to kiss anymore). I’ve been doing the love dare to my husband and getting ideas for bedroom fun from the app you suggested and we are getting closer than ever given the fact that we live with my in-laws and our 3 kids but we are moving soon and once we have our own home and privacy we will be trying a lot of things 🙂

  4. jls

    My husband and I try #10 often. Unfortunately, the kids usually think that means “group hug” time and want to get between us to be in the middle of the hug. Not quite what we had in mind !

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      That was us when the kids were young, too! Good that they get used to it. 🙂

    • Tara McLaren

      Ha ha, yep our kids do that too. It’s quite cute to see them stop playing and then come running. Who doesn’t want to share and feel loved?!


    How do you get your husband to want to try these things/ kiss you more? He probably would say all of these were “dumb” ideas. I have often asked for more time to kiss, but he complains that it will turn him on and he doesn’t want to do it. Or he’ll kiss and hug me goodbye in the AM before work, and when I want more kiss time, he’s like well I gotta go. I often say, well can’t we start hugging and saying goodbye a minute sooner so that we do have some time? I mean we are pretty cuddly, but I think he thinks I’ll want more than he has time for and that even if he did comply I’d never be satisfied with any adjustments he makes. I think that’s what keeps him from making a lot of adjustments in small areas that I would like him to do to be more romantic.

  6. Cheri Pikett

    As we grew older my husband’s breath became unpleasing even after brushing. Another reason why we kiss less is: since we are empty nesters I go to bed early, he stays up late.

  7. Rebecca Lindenbach

    Hi, Alena!

    I totally understand the confusion. When we say that we don’t allow for hateful speech towards people’s religions, that doesn’t mean we don’t allow people to speak truth. For example, if someone comes on the blog and starts explaining why they left the church and talks about horrible things that Christians did that led to them being disillusioned in their faith and leaving, we allow that through. What we don’t allow is people who defend horrific things like slavery, child rape, or racism by twisting Biblical texts (which we get more often than you may think). That’s what it means in our policy.

    When we say that there is an expose about sexual abuse in the SBC, that’s simply because it’s happening. It’s true. And it’s important to talk about because of how many people have been harmed and need to be told, “This wasn’t right. This isn’t what Jesus wanted, and your pain is valid.” We’re not singling out Baptists by calling that out, we’re simply talking about what is happening in our niche area in the news (Christian sexuality) and making it clear that we do not agree with how the SBC handled things so that abuse victims can know they are valued and safe on our website, even if they have been harmed by the church in the past.

    And to be very clear, we definitely don’t believe every individual SBC member/church is complicit in the coverups. We believe that SBC members have so much ability right now to CHANGE the situation–you can speak up! You can talk to your pastor about what protective guidelines are in place! You can be part of the solution to this horrible epidemic that, whether it’s nice to talk about or not, simply is happening and has been happening for years.

    Hearing about something horrible happening in our “home turf” in a sense is really hard. It’s really really hard. But there are two responses: do nothing and try to protect the home turf, or roll up our sleeves and fix the problems. I hope that the SBC is able to do the latter!

    We’re called as Christians to have our eyes open. We can’t bury our heads in the sand, even if it is the easier thing to do because the truth is just so horrific and painful. It’s only when we embrace truth–no matter how terrible–that we can really see the path ahead of us. That’s why it’s important to talk about these things, even if it casts someone in a bad light temporarily, so that long-term we can do better as Christians for the abused and mistreated among us.

    • b

      thank you so much.

  8. M

    My husband really loves kissing, but it’s actually difficult for me – maybe I have weirdly small nostrils or something but I find it hard to breathe.


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