24 Sexy Dares to Spice up Your Marriage!

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Sexy Dares to Spice Up Your Marriage

Sometimes we all need a little spice in our marriage!

Has sex gotten kind of, well, stale?

Do you want to try new things, but you’re just embarrassed and feel awkward asking for them? Maybe you don’t even know what you want–you just know there must be more out there. And you certainly don’t want to Google it!

I’ve created an awesome new product with 24 dares–8 for her, 8 for him, and 8 couple ones–to help you have more fun, laugh more, and explore more. Plus you’ll feel closer!

Sexy Dares for Your Marriage

Sex in marriage is meant to be awesome–physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

These dares are tailor made so that you can discover what actually feels good physically for both of you, without transgressing anybody’s boundaries. There’s lots of room for exploration and fun.

But they’ll also help you feel emotionally close, too. 

People sometimes mistakenly believe that “spicing it up” means that you make it less personal, less emotional, more almost “carnal”. I don’t agree. When sex feels stale, like you’re going through the motions, but you feel like you’re missing something, then it isn’t necessarily close emotionally. When you try some fun games, though, then you’re laughing together. You’re experiencing together. You’re becoming more engaged in the process. You’re actually becoming more you.

You’re not on auto pilot. You’re fully, 100% present in the moment with your spouse. And that does make you feel emotionally close!

Plus I have a special bonus dare (yep–there are actually 25 dares!) that may surprise you. But it will also take you to new levels of spiritual intimacy as well.

The dares are custom-made to help us get over sexual hurdles and confidence hurdles, too.

Sometimes women especially have a difficult time expressing what they want. It’s easier to do new things if you don’t have to spell out what you want to do, but it’s written down and you just follow the instructions!

But beyond that, I’ve designed the dares so that the ones that SHE has to do and the ones that HE has to do are very different. Hers are often focused on teasing and flirting with him and drawing things out, while simultaneously boosting her sexual confidence and her body image. His are often focused on drawing out the foreplay, helping her feel loved and cherished while also getting her aroused like he may never have before. And then the ones you do together are spicy in a whole new way, as you explore new things.

You see, it’s not only about new things (though there are new things). It’s also about learning how to make sex totally mutual, so that she receives a lot of pleasure, too, and so that he feels that she’s enthusiastic! Sometimes there are things we know feel good, but we don’t take enough time on them, and we don’t discover all the ways that you both can find pleasure in them. The sexy dares give you the chance to give things that excite you the time they deserve.

When you’re all done, you’ll know more about each other, you’ll feel close, and you’ll have a whole new level of intimacy and fun!

What are the sexy dares like?

Want to try “Texas Hold Em?” Or maybe “No Clean Up on Aisle 5”? Or how about “The Rocket Launcher”? Brooklyn 99 fans will enjoy “The Charles Boyle”. And he will definitely love “It’s Hard to Watch.” Plus you’ll both love being able to be teacher for a night!

When you purchase the dares, you’ll get immediate access to a private, password protected page (one for her and one for him) where you can browse the dares. “Her” page has her 8 dares, plus the 8 couple dares and the bonus. “His” page has his 8 dares, plus the couple dares and the bonus.

Each sexy dare has:



An Enticing Title

To get you thinking in the right direction…

A Short Description...

That won’t give much away, but will let your imagination run wild!

Extra Information

Anything you need to prepare beforehand, plus what time/setting is best for the dare

The Dare Itself

Hidden behind a toggle box that you only see when you WANT to see it. So you can keep it a surprise if you want, or read it early!

You can either read the dare immediately, or keep it secret until the time is right. It’s entirely up to you!

You also have the option to print everything out in a .pdf, so you don’t have to keep coming back to the page. There’s even the option of turning the page into an app for your phone to make it super easy to use.

(And while a few dares to need extras, they’re not difficult to find. You likely already have them at home. Most dares need nothing extra at all, and doing these won’t cost you a lot of money or take a lot of extra time!). 

Do the sexy dares make me do anything weird?

Nope. They really don’t. And if there’s anything you may feel uncomfortable with, there are tips given on how to change it so it’s easier.

There’s nothing involving sex toys. Nothing involving porn. Nothing involving weird role playing, BDSM, or any unhealthy sexual practices.

But there’s still a lot of room for very healthy, spicy sex!

Does your marriage need some spicing up–and some fun?

Try these 24 dares–plus one bonus–to take your marriage to the next level!

Sometimes we all need to jumpstart our intimacy, and I hope this does that for you.

I think the bonus is one of my favourites, even though it’s not what you’d expect. But it’s sexy on a whole new level, and I hope it blesses your marriage, too!

Sexy Dares for Your Marriage--24 dares to spice things up

Written by

Sheila Wray Gregoire


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  1. DAn

    Even if a particular dare becomes a stopper. it can then serve as a conversation starter.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      So true!

  2. Natalie

    I just bought this and am reading through them now. WOW! These are GREAT suggestions!!! I’m excited to try these! I think I may even like these better than Ultimate Intimacy (which we like a lot)! These are very detailed and specific… just what we need. Thank you!

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      I’m so glad, Natalie! Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Cristi

    I’m trying to decide between 31 Days to Great Sex and these dares. Best starting place for a marriage that has neglected sex for far too long?

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      I think if there are big issues in the marriage, and big road blocks, 31 Days would be better, even if you didn’t get through the whole thing. Even if you only did the first 15 days or so, and then turned to the sexy dares afterwards. But 31 Days has a lot about connecting again, and talking again, and being more affectionate. Certainly a lot of sex, too, but it’s more geared to breaking down walls. I think that may be easier. Thanks for asking!

    • Daniel

      31 days is great. I highly recommend starting there.

      • Sheila Wray Gregoire

        Thanks, Daniel!

  4. Stacey

    How do you suggest these dares play out? One a day type of thing? I want to give them to my husband for our anniversary but I’m not sure how to present them.

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      I think they could easily last a year, if you did two a month. So it could be the “Year of Sex” that you’re giving to your husband for his anniversary! I’ll ask Rebecca to make up some more “invites” that you can download for special occasions, and then put that link up on the webpage you have access to once you purchase. That may work!

  5. Diana

    After a mutually satisfying time together, my husband’s response was, “Check plus for Spicy Dares!”

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      Oh, that’s awesome! 🙂

  6. Barrt

    uh-oh: we don’t really talk much, are not connected, and are not at all affectionate.

    we have been in a sexless marriage (forever), we are still together altho it leads to obsessing (over what we do not have.)

    we need help and can’t dig our way out.

    I suspect I am not alone, even tho I feel alone in my marriage

    • Greg

      Barrt, I’m in the same boat. Sex is only physical, no connection and definitely not spiritual (which is kinda weird). Haven’t had sex in a year and a half but I’ve found ways around that. You don’t have to have a sexless marriage if you think outside the box.


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