How Camping Made Me Realize My Bras Hurt

by | Jul 15, 2022 | For Women, Life | 24 comments

Bras Hurt

Keith and I have been in the RV for a week and I have made a significant discovery!

First, though, I’m not going to have a normal post up today. I’m in vacation mode and couldn’t think of anything about marriage to write about.

Rebecca, however, has already written the post for our weekly email that goes out at 3 EST today, and it is DYNAMITE. If you aren’t on our email list yet, you need to sign up now! She writes the Friday emails, and they get so much interaction and feedback, so join today.

Okay, back to the RV life.

Keith and I travel around in the RV a lot and use it for speaking, and so we’re constantly packing and unpacking. And we decided we didn’t want to do that anymore, so we took all the clothes that we don’t really wear and put them in the RV, so that we always have a week’s worth of clothes for any weather in there. Whenever I buy new clothes, I make myself discard the same number of items, and they go in the RV (and then whatever was in the RV beforehand goes to thrift stores).

Anyway, as I’ve been talking about on the podcast this year, I’ve recently switched to Knix bras. They’re all I wear. They fit better and look better than underwire, and they are so comfortable! Just unbelievably comfortable.

Knix is famous for their leakproof underwear (great for teens or any woman pre-menopause, really), and some of my staff swear by them (I won’t mention their names). But for me it’s just the bras.

So I took my old underwire bras and put them in the RV.

And all week I’ve been wearing them.

And I HATE IT. I don’t know how I did this everyday. They’re not comfortable at all (and I had high quality ones!). There’s simply no comparison. I’ve been so spoiled I can’t do this while on vacation, and i’m just going to have to bring Knix with me.

If you haven’t tried Knix yet, and you want to use my links, some of the money will go to support this blog. And if you’re in Canada, you’ll get $15 off your first purchase (and then I get $15 towards a camping bra!). In both the U.S. and Canada, you’ll also get the chance to get 10% off your first order.


Support this Podcast with Knix Bras!

I love Knix bras. Like seriously love them. They fit amazingly well; they're so comfortable. They look better than my underwire bras, but there is no underwire! I bought three over Christmas and NEVER wear my underwire ones anymore.

I'm an affiliate for Knix, and when you buy their bras or underwear or clothing I get a percentage. I want to make enough to start paying to transcribe this podcast! And I'm only promoting stuff I absolutely love myself.

Knix Bras

Anyway, that’s all I really had to share today! We’re heading home soon but we had a lovely relaxing week.

Remember to sign up for our emails! And I’ll be back again next week like usual!

What do you think? What women’s clothing is super uncomfortable for you? Let’s talk in the comments!

Sheila Wray Gregoire

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  1. Margaret W.

    It took you THIS long to figure out that underwire bras feel like cages? Really? I figured that out the first time I tried one on as a teenager. But now that I know Knix supports you, I’ll try to remember to purchase that way in the future. Thanks. 😁

  2. Meghan

    Haha, I had a similar experience after my nursing bras started to wear out. Underwire sucks!

  3. Em

    I love my Knix that I purchased from your birthday post I think!

  4. Amy

    I am so glad that pantyhose has gone out of fashion! I would say that pantyhose are the most impractical, uncomfortable item of women’s clothing ever invented, however I never lived in the era where fashionable women wore corsets and hoop skirts.

    • A2bbethany

      They never fit or stayed up!!! When I briefly wore them….. I’d pin them to my bra! It was my only way to keep them from constantly falling.
      Nursing bras are so comfy!

    • Nessie

      On the hoop skirt…
      Years ago, I was walking past a wedding where the bride wore a hoop skirt. Dress was beautiful BUT… they were leaving the reception in a horse-drawn carriage. As she stepped up into the carriage, it caught and lifted her skirt up over her head from behind. Camera flashes started going off like crazy as people took photos of her backside. I was so embarrassed for her! I saw her from the front, not from behind, and only hope she had herself well-covered.

    • Cynthia

      I still wear tights in the winter under skirts, but only really comfy microfiber ones that are really soft and smooth, and I often cut off the seem that runs along the toes because it drives me crazy. I wear it with no-show black socks and you can’t tell that I cut the toe part off.

      Pantyhose OTOH were a pain and I always got runs after about 5 min.

  5. Krys

    I love Knix, but their bras are not always the most supportive or flattering for me (I’m on the bigger end of things). Especially their sports bras. Their period underwear is awesome, though!

  6. Phil

    A super long time ago I saw a guy in a food store wearing a bra under his white undershirt that was his main shirt for the day. That made me uncomfortable. I would have to say bras. LOL. 🤣

    • Laura

      There was a Seinfeld episode where some of the guys were wearing a man bra called the “Bro.”

  7. Jo R

    Any chance that, along with the pantyhose, we can ditch bras altogether? Or at least make them optional? Pretty please? 🤣 🤣

    • Meredith

      I live in Florida and I’ve started ditching bras more often, especially when it’s super hot out and when I’m just going to be home. I see guys running shirtless all the time- a lot of them with bigger breasts than mine!- and the double standard just makes me mad.

    • Tim

      The more women that do, the more optional they will become. My wife hates them but isn’t wary about going without one in certain social situations – see Sheila’s post on purity culture. My daughter hardly ever wears one and I hope she breaks the cycle and clears the way for others. Men, our job is to make a safe space for women to make this choice.

    • Lisa Johns

      I would agree with this EXCEPT for the fact that I do NOT want to be the woman whose boobs end up down by her belly button! (It happens.) Vanity wins… sigh. 😆

  8. Kya

    I just had that experience with underwear! I’m pregnant, and my usual panties don’t accommodate my hips and bump well. I don’t throw things away as often as I should, so I dug out my college stash, which is all from Victoria’s Secret (every time they sent out a mailer offering a free pair I went in and got it, so I ended up with a lot). They actually fit under my bump and everything, but my goodness they’re so uncomfortable! And they ride up constantly in the worst places! This isn’t new to the pregnancy, either–I remember not even liking them in college for the same reasons, but I didn’t have the funds to turn down free panties. I didn’t want to buy maternity underwear since I’d only use them for a couple months, but I had to bite the bullet and just do it because the VS ones were driving me so crazy!

  9. Anon

    In the era of the tampon shortage, any chance of a re-run of the post on reusable products? Are your affiliate links still good?

    • Sheila Wray Gregoire

      For sure! I’ll put that up on Facebook today! And, yes, the links should still work.

    • Mindy

      I use a menstrual cup and LOVE it!!!! has comparison charts and a quiz to help narrow down a first cup to try (there are seriously a LOT to choose from). My personal favorite is the Skoon cup.

    • Cynthia

      Never having to worry about running out is definitely something I love about my cup.

  10. Lee Ann

    The bras sound great, but they don’t come in my size, unfortunately.

    Speaking of bra sizes, I’d like to plug the A Bra That Fits Calculator. You’ll need someone to help you measure yourself, but it’s really thorough. I ended up going down a couple of band sizes and up a couple of cup sizes after I used it.

    After I figured out the right bra size, I bought new bras, including an underwire. I hadn’t worn one of those in years and it is amazingly comfortable!

  11. Estelle

    I’m fed up with bra straps always falling off my shoulders. Maybe I should sew my own.

    • Julia

      I sew my own sensory friendly bralettes, and it’s a lot of fun! I love using Sophie Hines’ Axis Tank pattern for anything from tops to bralettes. (I am very sensitive to clothing textures and lack the ability to block sensory information out, so even some “comfortable” bras are just THERE all day to me in the forefront of my mind).

  12. Cari

    Another plug here for the A Bra That Fits calculator. It’s likely that your old bras are a less than ideal size for you, especially if they are causing you actual pain, which is never okay! An underwire bra has to match your body very precisely in order to be comfortable, and over time they do wear out and our bodies can change as well, so they may have originally fit you quite well and still not be a good, comfortable fit now.

    My personal experience has been that most wireless bras lean too hard on my shoulders to be comfortable on a daily basis – I start to get tension headaches around the six-hour mark. Underwire bras are engineered to support from underneath rather than above, and that’s what I need. It’s very much an individual preference, though, and what matters is figuring out what works for you.

    I will say that it’s absolutely worth buying maybe two bras for the RV. If it makes you feel better, think about it in terms of cost per wear. Whatever one day of not-in-pain-from-bra is worth to you, you’ll hit that number pretty quickly.

  13. The Better Fit

    I used to buy underwire bras when I was younger but now I’m always trying to look for comfortable-looking bras. It sucks when you need to go out and can’t help but feel relieved when you take off your underwire after a long day.


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