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Why Might a Woman Start to Find Sex in Marriage Disgusting?

Has sex ever become super disgusting to you? I sure hope not, but as we’ve been talking about obligation sex in our current series, I’ve had several comments along those lines, and I’d like to talk about this one in particular today. A woman wrote:I have no idea how...

What is Biblical Manhood?

Biblical manhood can't be separated from actual biblical men. There's so much talk about "biblical manhood" and "biblical womanhood", and it's all rather crazy.  Most of the things that we consider "biblical womanhood" aren't actually demonstrated by any of the...

Review of the Problems with For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn (with Download)

One of the things we're passionate about on this blog is making sure the advice that is given about marriage and sex in the evangelical world is healthy. Over the last few years, our team has surveyed over 32,000 people, measuring how certain teachings common in the...

Why Complementarian / Egalitarian Labels Matter: A Response to Nancy Pearcey

Do complementarian men make the best husbands? Last June and July I was really burned out. I had been engaging in a Twitter back and forth with Nancy Pearcey, the author of the new book The Toxic War on Masculinity. Her thesis is a simple one: "The happiest of all...

The Obligation Sex Series

  • 10 Things to Know about Obligation Sex
  • Why Obligation Sex Destroys Libido (and how it affects us long-term) (coming soon)
  • A Way Forward to Recovery from Obligation Sex (coming soon)
  • You Don’t Need to Consent to Being Used (coming soon)
  • When Your Husband Won’t Let go of Obligation Sex (coming soon)
  • The Obligation Sex podcast (coming soon)

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Plus please see our Great Sex Rescue Toolkit for handy downloads about the effects of obligation sex that you can give to your pastor, counselor, small group leader–anyone who teaches it!

And see chapters 9 and 10 in The Great Sex Rescue for all our charts, stats, and commentary!

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